Sunday, June 07, 2015

Tomorrow evening at 6:00p.m. will kick off our 2015 Youth Conference. The theme for this year is “Let Your Light Shine.” We are looking forward to an awesome week with many young people. We are going to have the biggest crowd of young people this week with over 100 campers. God is good.
This morning for Sunday school we looked at Philemon and how that the Apostle Paul wrote a letter to him and how he was known for his love and for his faith. Every person is writing their own book just as the Apostle Paul wrote the book of Philemon and his life. We will not write our own book, but someone else will. What will our book hold? Will there be a chapter on being a prayer warrior or a non-prayer warrior? Will there be a chapter on being someone who reads their Bible daily, or someone who could care less about reading their Bible every day? Will there be a chapter in our life about being faithful in all things or will it be that we are unfaithful? Will there be a chapter about us living a victorious life and winning the battles we face or will our chapter be about being a loser and not fight/winning the fights that come our way? Lastly, will our life legacy be that we were spiritual or carnal? Each day we are writing in the book of our life. What is our book saying? If we were to die right now, would our book be edifying to the Lord and giving Him glory and honor for our life, or will it be so that it shames the Lord because of the way we have lived our life? What our life book says is up to us!

This morning Pastor preached a tremendous message on “Timothy Needs Help” out of 2 Timothy 1:1-18. The young people in our churches need someone to help them along in their spiritual journey. What made Timothy who he was, was his mother. As parents/adults we are influencing the lives of the children in our church one way or the other. The young people need help in cultivating a tender heart (vs. 4). Having a heart that is tender to the things of God and to giving. If we want our young people to have a tender heart toward the things of God, then they need to see us as adults have a tender heart for God. We cannot expect our young people to have a tender heart if we do not have one. Make having a tender heart a part of your life every day. Also, our young people need help in stirring up the gift that is in them (vs. 16). When was the last time we encouraged the young people in our church to live for God? We should be encouraging them instead of discouraging them. Our young people also need help with creating a boldness to stand (vs. 8). They will only be as bold as we teach them. Do they see us standing for what is right, or do they see us buckling under the pressure and giving in? If we give in, so will they, and they will give in to more than what we give in to. Teaching them to stay with the truth is another area that our young people need encouraging with. The KJV Bible is the only Bible that we need and the only Bible we need to get out instructions from. Truth lies in the Word of God and we need to teach them that the Word of God holds all the answers we need in life. We don’t need to turn to another Bible or to another religion. Christianity and the Word of God is what we need to teach them is the truth. Lastly, the young people need help in making great memories. They need to have memories of church, youth camp, youth conferences, youth meeting, revival meetings, mission conferences, etc. They need good memories of things that happened in the house of God and how that God touched our lives. They need memories of moms and dads, aunts and uncles, and cousins shouting, crying, giving, etc. They need memories of messages that they have heard and have influenced their lives. The question to you is: is what you have contagious? Do the young people in our churches desire to have what we have? If they don’t, we need to change.

Tonights message was to the young people and getting them ready for youth conference tomorrow night. Pastor preached out of Ruth 2:22 on “Stay Out Of The Other Fields.” The world and the devil are doing their very best to get our young people to go out into the other fields, the fields of this world. The devil is using every tactic he can to draw them out. But we as adults need to pray for our young people and stay in the way so that they are protected for the world, the things of this world, and the huge pull of the devil on their lives. Young people do not need to go out into the other field because someone is watching you that you don’t even know about (vs. 5). Other young people are watching you and so is God. He sees everything that you do, say, look at, and listen to. Don’t go into the other fields of wrong music, drinking, drugs, immoral lifestyle, or fornication. Keep yourself pure and stay in the field that God has for you. The field you are at right now. Stay in the field you are in now because there are no other handfuls of purpose in any other field. You stay in the field God has for you and He will bless you beyond measure. He will bless you more than you could ever possibly think or imagine. If you leave the field God has for you then there go the handfuls of purpose that God has for your life. Only time will tell just how much God will bless you with handfuls of purpose for staying in His field. Lastly, don’t go into another field because there’s good company in this field. There is a hedge around you that God has placed around you. The hedge will be there as long as you stay in His field. Get out of His will and the hedge will come down. There are adults in your church there to help you and to protect you from the devil and this world. They are there to encourage you and to strengthen you and to help you in your spiritual journey. Don’t lose that. You go out into another field and you’ll come back empty handed just as Naomi did.
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