Monday, June 8, 2015

Youth Conference 2015 “Let Your Light Shine” has started out with a bang. The young people are excited about being here. We have over 100 young people in attendance this week and we are looking forward to God working in their lives this week.

Bro. Ronnie Young, Pastor of Morning Star Baptist Church in Cleveland, N.C., preached the opening message for the week. Bro. Young preached out of John 8:12; 10:27; Matthew 5:14; I Corinthians 11:1 on “What Jesus Would Do If He Were Here?” Jesus would be faithful. He would be faithful to serve and to worship the Father. He would also be faithful in any task that He was given to do. Not only would He be faithful, but He would abstain from the very appearance of evil. He wouldn’t allow Himself to look at things that this world looks at and He wouldn’t hang out at the places that the world hangs out. He would distance Himself, and look and do only those things that are pleasing to the Lord. Jesus would also never be conformed to the things of this world. He wouldn’t dress like the world, act like the world, and talk like the world. The things of this world would not take first place in His life. Lastly, Jesus would love right and hate wrong. He loved righteousness and hate iniquity. He loved the sinner but He didn’t love their sin. There is a line and He never crossed that line. If we want our light to shine in this world, we need to be faithful, abstain from the appearance of evil, not conform to the things of this world, and to love right and hate wrong. If these things are not prevalent in your life your light will not shine for the Lord.