Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Second day of camp and today went really well. All the preachers had great liberty and were able to preach with power. Many young people came to the altar after the messages. We only pray that they truly made commitments and are truly allowing God to work and move in their lives. Bro. David Young (Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Harlem, GA), preached this morning in the stead of Bro. Jesse Bowen. Pastor preached on “You Can Make It” out of Judges 8:18-21. Jether could have made it and accomplished the task for his life, but he was fearful and allowed the world to influence his decision. Young people you can make it because your parents are standing with you. They are there beside you and they are encouraging you to live for the Lord. Listen to them and their words of encouragement. Also, you can make it because other soldiers (members of your church) are there with you. They are there surrounding you and protecting and keeping you from being devoured by the devil and his devices and tactics. You may not believe they are standing with you, but they are and they want to see you take a stand and fight and make it. Lastly, you can make it young person by not forgetting what God has done. God has blessed you richly and has given you a church that has God’s touch on it. You are more blessed than you can even imagine. The blessing of God on your life daily ought to keep you going and fighting. God wants you to make it and you can make it. Don’t let the world discourage you and get you afraid. The world wants nothing more than to see you not make it. But, God wants to see you make it more than this world wants you to stop. Young people, YOU CAN MAKE IT!!!!!!

The second sermon this morning was from Bro. Wayne Cofield (Pastor of Whitfield Baptist Church in Dalton, GA). He preached out of Revelation 2:1-5 on “Don’t Leave Your First Love.” People can lose their first love no matter how strong, how smart, or how spiritual you are. You are never above losing your first love. You can lose your first love by gradually drifting away from the things of God. The moment you start drifting away from God, you are starting to lose your first love. The cost of losing your first love is that you lose your testimony, your thrill, and your trophies. You lose much more than you think when you leave your first love. A lot of things are affected you just don’t realize it. Don’t ever drift away from God’s love because it will cost you your life. Young people, you can keep your first love by being grateful and repenting of your sins. Stay thankful for what God has done in your life and in the life of others. Stay right with God and don’t let sin come into your life and take you away from your first love. Be thankful that God died for your sins. Being unthankful and getting sin in your life WILL take away your first love. Don’t ever drift away from God’s love.

This afternoon the girls had a great time of swimming and some of the girls went and watched the boys play ball at the park. The boy enjoyed their afternoon at the park playing ball and then later went swimming.

The day ended with Bro. Steve Aldridge (Pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Pageland, SC) preaching for us. Bro. Aldridge preached out of Song Of Solomon 3:1-4 on “If He’s Not Your First Love, He’s Not Your Second Love”. There was a separation that took place and it was in the night season. God won’t desert you in the night season; He’s with you always and will never leave you. Even if you leave Him, He’s still right there beside you. How concerned are you about your spirituality? When you get away from Him do you care enough to find Him and get close to Him? You better let God work in your life and change you for the good. To get back you have to search for Him. To find Him, you’ll have to go back to where you left Him. Find that place and your relationship with Him will be restored. Have you traded anything in for the place God has in your life. Is something bigger in your life than God? Nothing should be bigger in your life than God. The true root of your joy is in Him. Is He the root of your joy? You’ll never find real joy outside of Him. There are watchmen in your life to help you keep your first love. The watchmen are your Pastors and your parents. They are there watching out for you and trying to keep the devil away and take away your joy and your first love. How is your love for Him?

A special thank you goes out to Emily Hayes and Katy Sales for writing the sermon summary from this morning by Bro. Wayne Cofield.
Looking forward to tomorrow and all that God has in store for all of our lives from the messages that are preached tomorrow.

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