Thursday, June 11, 2015

Today is the last day of Youth Conference 2015. It has been a tremendous week and we are thankful for all those that went to the altar this week so far and have made commitments or have gotten right with God.

This morning Bro. Jared Young (preacher from Morning Star Baptist Church in Cleveland, N.C.) opened us up with preaching from the Word of God. He preached out of Mark 4:21-23 on “Are You A Candle Christian?” No matter the size of the candle, they all have one purpose. A small candle will give out light just light a big candle. The first thing about a candle is that properties of that candle. You see that darkness causes slothfulness. It shuts out the light and you go to sleep because of the darkness. It also brings sloppiness. You can’t see to clean up because it is dark. You allow sin in your life because there is no light to keep the sin out. Darkness also brings stumbling. Things are in the way, or get in the way and you stumble because you cannot see. Lastly darkness brings staggering. A staggering walk is unnatural. You’re scared to move and when you do you are unsure of where to go because you can’t see anything. But, you see the opposite of darkness is light. Light will be complete awareness. You’ll always be involved in the work of God. Light also brings cleanliness. Everything is good and right between you and God because you’ve allowed the light to come in and shine on the darkness (sin) that is in your life. It also brings confident composure. You will walk confidently yet carefully. You’ll know where you are going because you can see what is in front of you. Lastly, light will bring character. You will know where to go, and how to make the right decisions. The second thing about a candle is the placement of the candle (Luke 11:33). The Lord is the One that does the lighting and God is the one that places the candle where He wants your light to shine. Lastly, we see the purpose of the candle. (Matthew 5:14-16). The purpose of the candle is it guides others (2 Corinthians 5:11), it guards others (harder for you to get darkness in) and it glorifies God (1 John 2:10). If your light is lit up, you won’t be satisfied sitting in a corner doing nothing. Are you a candle Christian? Is the light shining in your life or is it filled with darkness?

Bro. Michael Sales (preacher out of Antioch Baptist Church in Harlem, GA) preached our next message on “The Christian Lighthouse” out of Matthew 5:14-16, Proverbs 4:18, and Philippians 2:15. You ARE a lighthouse if you are saved. The first thing you see about a lighthouse is the commissioning of the lighthouse. The day you got saved, God built you into the lighthouse you are today. You were designed by God to produce light. You were to produce light to this world of sin and darkness. As a Christian you should make the brightest light possible by keeping sin out of your life. You need to trim the wick to shine as God would have you shine. You need to clean the glass of the world in your life so you can shine brightly for the Lord. Secondly we see the need of the lighthouse. God needs each and every one of you to shine in the darkness of this world. God has a place for you to shine and He will place you there. God has a purpose for your life. A lighthouse stands alone, and you will be placed alone sometimes as the only light around for others to see, but God will help you stand alone if you are willing to stand for Him. As a Christian is your light shining? How many are shipwrecked because of you?
Bro. Mike Qualls (Pastor of Lakeland Baptist Church in Lakeland, GA) preached this morning out of John 14:22 on “Judas, Not Iscariot.” Judas’ profession is different. Judas was saved by the grace of God John 6:60-71). Judas Iscariot was never saved though he was numbered with the 12 disciples. He turned his back on God because God was never in his heart. Judas’ praise was also different (John 12:1-8). He didn’t criticize when others praised the Lord. Judas Iscariot criticized how others praised the Lord and thought of better ways to praise the Lord with their lives. Laslty, preaching was different for Judas. Judas Iscariot didn’t care about the preaching of the Word of God. Preaching never bothered him. He always got upset with the preaching and always wanted the man of God to stop preaching. Judas though took preaching and encouraged the preaching of the Word of God. Judas lived in the shadows of darkness of Judas Iscariot all because of his name and the association. Judas outlived the reputation of Judas Iscariot. Sometimes in your life you will have to outlive the reputation of someone like Judas Iscariot. You may be living in the shadow of darkness from your pears or your parents or your past. Outlive those shadows and don’t let the association get you down and quit on God. Keep going. Yes it will be hard, but with God’s help you can make it. Are you a Judas or a Judas Iscariot?

This afternoon the young people were allowed to either go to the park or go swimming. So the girls went swimming while the boy went to the park, and then the boys went to swimming afterward while the girls went back to their dorms to get ready for the banquet supper and for the evening service.

Tonight’s message came from Bro. Chad Watson (Pastor of Glorlyland Baptist Church in Hartsville, S.C.). He preached on “The Danger Of Doing Nothing” out of 2 Kings 6:24-25; 7:1-8. The reason in this story no one was doing anything for God was because they were filled with leprosy (sin). When a person first had leprosy, they didn’t know it. When it finally showed up on the outside, they were eaten up on the inside with leprosy. Time will tell. You can only hide sin for so long. Leprosy will show up in your flesh (Leveticus 13:2), in your hair (Leveticus 13:29), in your clothing (Leviticus 13:52), and in your house (Leveticus 14:37). The man of God will point out the sin in your life. If the man of God says you have leprosy, then you have leprosy. If what you are doing is questionable, ask your Pastor. Also, they feared what lied ahead. They feared the enemy and what the enemy would do to them if they were found. Do you fear you will fail God? We will all fail from time to time but we need to look past our failures and keep doing something for God. Lastly, there was famine in the land. There was a famine in the Word of God. Not reading the Word of God. If you are not reading the Word of God you will do nothing for God. What are you waiting on? Get up and do something for God. If you never get up and do anything for God, there will be no change in your diet. You will starve to death spiritually on the little that you eat. Your flesh will be stronger than your spiritual man. There will be nothing spiritual about your life. There will also be no chance for your decedents. Your kids will die while you are satisfying your flesh. Laslty, there will be no choke hold on the devil (the adversary). The devil will get a stronger hold of you and your family and the lives of others because you did nothing. God will fight for you. God used 4 nobodies to deliver Israel. God can use you. What are you doing for God tonight? If you are doing nothing for God, you are endangering your life, the life of your kids and others, and you are allowing the devil to run your life and the life of your family. Get up and do something for God.

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