Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This morning was started out with a great message by Bro. Anthony Curley, preacher out of Grace Baptist Church in Warrenton, GA. He preached out of Luke 15:11-16 on “What You Will Not Find In The Pig Pen.” There will be no peace in the pig pen. You can walk the walk and talk the talk, but it’s not real because there is no peace there. Peace only comes from the Father and being in the Father’s house. The world gives a peace but it’s not a permanent real peace, only God can give lasting peace. There are also no provisions in the pig pen. Leave the Father’s house and you will not consider the things that will take you away from the things of God. If you stay in the Father’s house God will provide your every need. The world will desert you and leave you when you are in need, but God and God’s people will always be there. Thirdly, there is no protection in the pig pen. No man cares for you in the world. They are not for you, but rather against you. The protection hand of God is gone the moment you leave the Father’s house. But stay in the Father’s house and God will protect you from the enemy you are fighting. Also, there is no prosperity in the Father’s house. You will lose everything when you go out into the world. With God there is prosperity, you’ll be rich in the eyes of the Lord and He’ll give you what you need. Lastly, there will be no people that care. They will only abuse you and hurt you because they do not care what they do to you. God’s people are the ones that really care about you.

After Bro. Curley preached Bro. Justin Epley, preacher out of Antioch Baptist Church in Harlem, GA, preached. He preached on “How To Keep The Light On” out of Matthew 5:14. There should be something gin your heart that makes you consistent in your spiritual life. One way to keep the light on is to get sin out of your life. Empty out the filth and fill it with God and the things of God. Your light will never shine as long as sin is in your life. When you empty out the sin that is in your life your light will shine again. The more sin you get out the brighter your light will shine. The last way to keep the light on is to keep burning. Keep working and keep doing what God wants you to do. Don’t learn how to quit because once you learn how to quit, you will always be a quitter. Keep trying even if you fail. God will help you to keep going because he wants your light to shine. Do you want to keep the light on? If so, it is up to you. What are you doing in your life to keep the light on?

Dr. Ron Young (former pastor of Antioch Baptist Church, now a representative for Antioch Printing Ministry, Harlem, GA) preached the last message for the morning service. He preached out of Isaiah 6:1-8 on “Having A Greater Light.” How bright is your light shining? Are you interested in putting out light, or the things of this world? What is more important to you in your spiritual life? To have a great light shining, you must see what he saw. He saw the Lord high and lifted up. If there is a need or a nudge to go to the altar, GO. Don’t let anything stop you or keep you from the altar. The altar should be an important place in your life. Don’t wait on someone else to go, go when God nudges your heart. Have you see Him with the eye of faith through prayer? The second way to have a greater light is to feel what he felt. He felt within himself “woe is me.” You have to see what sin is really doing in your life. It is slowly destroying your life piece by piece. You can’t smile, shine, because of sin. Isaiah wanted to get rid of sin totally, and that’s what you are going to have to do in order for your life to shine greater. He dealt with sin by the convicting power of God. If you’re saved you’ll deal with sin when God convicts you of your sin. Thirdly, you must hear what he heard. He heard the call of God on his life and he answered the call of God on his life. Have you heard the call of God on your life? If so, have you answered the call, or have you ignored the call? Your light will never shine greater if you ignore the call of God on your life because you are not doing the will of God for your life. Lastly, you must say what he said, “Here am I Lord, send me.” You have to hear the call of God before you can say what he said. Are you willing to do what God wants you to do with your life? How hungry are you to be a real light? How brightly do you want your light to shine?

This afternoon the activities for the young people were to go skating at a local skating rink. We were able to rent the skating rink for 2 hours and were able to play our own music. The kids had a great time skating.

Tonight, Bro. Steve Aldridge (Pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Pageland, SC) preached for us. He preached on “Continuing While Others Are Collapsing” out of 2 Timothy 4:6-18. Your Pastor needs you; your church needs you young people. You are needed in the fight that we are in. If you will take a stand and fight, God will help you take that stand. The people that quit on God never think about those they are hurting, those that are still in the church that have no collapsed. It is important on how you finish your life for God. To continue, you need to remember your personal commitments to God; the commitment that you want to make it for God. It’s only by the grace of God that any of us will make it and finish our fight. Just because someone quits doesn’t give you the right to quit on God as well. You must give God your all, not piece by piece; for if you give God your life piece by piece, you’ll never give God your all. Also, remember the person you’re walking out on. You’re walking out on God; the one who saved you and gave His life for you. You’re walking out on the most important person in your life. Do you have a place where you go and meet with God? If you meet with Him every day it will be harder for you to quit on Him because you will have a wonderful relationship with the One Who saved you and gave His life for you. Get a place where you can get alone with God to get the strength you need to continue on when your friends are collapsing around you. Thirdly, know that God has a greater purpose for your life. Chase the world’s dreams and you’ll never reach the greatest purpose that God has for your life. God wants to do great things with your life and if you collapse we will never know all that God could have done with your life. Lastly, continue on because of the possibility that the power of God could bring those back that have collapsed. Keep going and keep serving God and keep praying for those that have collapsed and maybe those that have collapsed will allow God to work in their lives and bring them back into the fold. You quit on God now, and you’ll never stop quitting, that those that have collapsed may never come back. Those that have collapsed may be looking at your life and waiting for you to quit. The devil wants you to put your eyes on the quitters; because he knows if you get your eyes on the quitters it will be much easier for you to quit. Don’t look at the quitters; look at the finishers, and those that are still continuing in the fight. Young person, will you continue on, or will you collapse?