Sunday, June 14, 2015

We had a great day today in the Lord’s house. The Lord was good and gave us some good messages today. Hope that you were able to attend your home church and receive a blessing from the messages at your church.

This morning for Sunday school we looked at Matthias and how that he was chosen by God to replace Judas Iscariot. We need young people that will be like Matthias and be willing to take the place of those who have fallen into sin, or those who have retired from their position in the church. Matthias had a desire to be used of God, and God was able to use him when the time was right. For God to use you as a replacement there must be a desire in your heart to be used by God. You have a desire and God will give you the ability and talents that is needed to fulfill the job that God wants for your life. Not only do you need a desire but you have to wait on God’s timing to be used. If you want God to use you, you must be busy doing something for Him. God’s not going to use a lazy person for His work. He wants someone that is already busy doing what they can for Him. Also God uses people to direct your placement, but God does the placement. God will put people in your life to train you and prepare you for the job that He has for your life. Learn from them all that you can so that you can be all that God wants you to be in the job that He has for you. Lastly, God’s basis for qualification is the heart. God looks on the heart. We as people look at others and say they are very well qualified for the position, but God knows their heart and therefore knows who is the best qualified for the position. Are you a Matthias? Do you desire to be used by God and to replace those that will retire for their position in the church? We need young people that are willing to take a stand and be willing to fill our shoes.

This morning, Pastor preached out of Psalm 2:1-12 on “Why Do The Heathen Rage?” The heathen want to take our children. The devil wants to take our children and he is bidding on their lives this morning. The devil wants our lives, our children’s lives. The heathen rage because of empty dreams. The heathen are raging because they’re winning. There are more of them on their team. The heathen are raging because they are filled with empty words. We have forgotten that we are not sinning just again man, but more importantly we are sinning against God. They start talking against God and the things of God. We fall into the trap of the heathen because we are more worried about the world than what God thinks about our sin.

Tonight Pastor preached out of Matthew 18:15-17 and 1 Corinthians 5:1-13 on “Church Discipline.” Church discipline is about letting people know there is a penalty for sin. If they are saved, God will whip them when they are alone with God. We don’t need to whip them because God will do the whipping. God will be their judge. What you think is not a big deal will turn into a big deal one day. A small sin will eventually ruin our life if we do not deal with it and get it right. Always remember that as a Christian, we represent our home church and we represent God. When we are out and when we do things does it bring a good name to our church and to God, or does it bring a bad name? We need to let God judge those that are without and in sin. If we let God handle it, and do what He says there is a chance that the one being disciplined will repent and get right with God and the church. God’s plan always works whether we understand it or not. We just simply have to trust Him with His plan.

After both morning and evening services we ate. We had food left over from youth conference last week so everyone was invited to stay after both services and eat with us. Guess what? We still have some food left.

Looking forward to Wednesday night and seeing what God has in store for our lives in the message that Pastor preaches to us.