Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wow, what a sermon we heard tonight. Pastor preached out of Philippians 3:13-14 on “Stay Focused.” In order for us to stay focused we must realize that we are not perfect. But, we shouldn’t let our imperfection get in the way and use that as an excuse every time we mess up. We are weak and therefore we are going to mess up as humans, but we must not quit or give up. We have to get it in our head that yes at times we will mess up, but we’ve got to keep going and stay focused. Also, in order to stay focused we must realize that there are no options. There is not an option of quitting, turning around, or stopping. If we realize there is no option we will fix what needs to be fixed so that we can keep going. God’s plan always work, so there is no need for any other option. If we think about it, those that faint always faint when they are needed. We needed them, but we can’t get help from them because they fainted in the way. Don’t faint, don’t give up, don’t stop and don’t turn around. Keep running for the Lord. Thirdly, we need to stay focused because the past will haunt us. If we allow it to, our past will intimidate us, and if we allow our past to intimidate us we will never do anything for the Lord. If we stay focused on our goal, our past will not get us. But, if we stop our past will get the best of us and possibly cause us to quit and get out of focus with the Lord. Our past will haunt us in our faults that are still with us, our failures that still scare us, and the foes that are always willing to remind us. Don’t think about the past, think of the future and the race that we are running for the Lord. Lastly, we need to stay focused on the goal because our Father is watching us. He’s watching our every move and He wants us to stay focused and keep moving and keep our eyes on the goal. We ought to remember that the FIRST person we hurt when we get out of focus is God. Yes we hurt others, but first and foremost we hurt God. Too many times we forget that we hurt God first and that our testimony is about God. If we are not careful our focus can get all goofed up. How is your focus this evening? Is it focused on the Lord and His goal, or on ourselves and the world? Get your focus on God.