Sunday, June 21, 2015


We have had a great day in the Lord’s house. We had a good number on the church bus and we also had a good crowd for our Spanish ministry as well. We are thankful for all the visitors God sent our way today.

This morning for Sunday school we look at Onesiphorus in 2 Timothy 1:16-18. We look at one characteristic trait of his life how he oft refreshed the Apostle Paul. The word oft mean many times and the word refreshed means to cool off or to relieve. Onesiphorus encouraged the Apostle Paul many times in his life time. He was a continual source of encouragement. Onesiphorus is only mentioned twice in the Bible but in those few verses we can learn a great deal about his character. We need people today that are encouragers. The ways we can encourage others is to pray for them/with them, write them a note of encouragement, share verses with them, buy them something that they like, or spend some time with them. When we encourage someone we change their disposition in life. They will change from being down and gloomy to having a ray of hope in their eyes. Encouraging someone will also encourage us because we know that we have been able to help a brother/sister in the Lord. When we encourage someone else they may return the favor and encourage someone else. Sometimes we also go through things in life that we do not know why we go through these things, but in time down the road we realize why we went through those things; it was so that we could help another brother/sister who is going through the same situation. Are you encouraging others? If you are not, why? We all need encouraging.

This morning’s sermon was on “The Character of a Father” out of Genesis 18:1-23 and 17:4-5. Abraham was not changed by his position. He was going to stay the same no matter what God said to him. In today’s economy if things don’t work out, men change and go another way. We need men that will stick with it when things don’t work out the way they think it should. Abraham didn’t live in Sodom, but he had the pressure all around him. It was just as tough for Abraham and is it today. God needs Fathers that will not change, but will stay the same. Abraham was also transparent in what he believed. It was not important to him what others thought of him. He only cared about what God thought of him. He believed what he believed not because others believed it, but it was of God. Thirdly, Abraham led his family. Isaac hadn’t even been born yet, and God knew he would lead his family right. He still followed the Lord and would continue to follow the Lord even after the birth of Isaac. Your children/wife is looking for a man in the home. Abraham’s way was God’s way. The trend of the day didn’t change Abraham. He just did what he always did no matter what those of the world were doing. Lastly, Abraham realized the judgment of God on the wicked was only expected by God. He trusted God’s judgment on sin. He knew if Lot needed to be burned up with Sodom, then God would be just and do what was right. He never questioned the judgment of God. He knew God was always just and honest. Knew everything God did was right. God knew Abraham, and knew the man he was. Does God know you?

Tonight, Pastor preached out of 2 Thessalonians 2:1-17 on “Don’t Lose Hope.” In verse 2 we see an inner war that is taking place. The devil is trying to deceive us in our mind. If he can deceive us, our effectiveness for Christ is taken away. In verse 3 we see an outward war taking place. There will be the daily bombardment on our lives by the world. We will be at war every day with the world and the things of the world. The devil can tangle up our minds and our body with the things of this world. There will always be a war on every Christian on the inner man and on the outer man. Paul was telling them to not lose hope because there was failing reports coming their way. People were leaving the fold, the church, and returning to the world. We don’t need to get discouraged and lose hope because of those that have left the fold. Instead we should be thankful that we are still in the fold and others are there with us. Also, don’t lose hope from failing religion. Sin is tainting us more than we realize. The devil is at work every day of our lives. He doesn’t want us to go any farther spiritually. The devil is putting us to sleep about our spirituality because we are letting him. Instead of rebelling against the devil, we are rebelling against truth. We need to wake up and realize just what the devil is doing to our lives. Also there is the faithful restrainer. Nothing will happen to the church until God lets it. The Comforter will never leave us and when He does leave us, we will leave with Him in the rapture. Don’t lose hope even though there will always be that false hope revealed. The group that has heard the truth before the rapture will believe a lie after the rapture. They believe they will be able to get saved after the rapture, but that will not happen. They will not get saved because they had a change before the rapture, and rejected Christ. They didn’t want to get saved, and they will not have a chance to be saved after the rapture because they will believe the lie that will be spread after the rapture. Lastly, don’t lose hope because the faithful will have a reunion. One day we will all be reunited in heaved. We need to stand fast. Hold our position in Christ and our stand in Christ and our convictions in Christ. Don’t let this world change us, but stand fast. Hold on to those things that we have been taught and believe. Don’t lose hope. We can make it.

Ladies mission meeting will be tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. Looking forward to the meeting and being able to be a blessing to our missionaries.

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