Sunday, June 28, 2015

Today was a great day in the Lord’s house.  We were honored to have in our presence today some ladies that attend Berean Baptist College.  They sang four songs for us in the morning service and then their travelling leader presented some information about the college to us as well in the morning service.  It was a blessing to have them in our midst this morning.


This morning for Sunday School we looked at the household of Stephanas and how he was addicted to the ministry.  His family chose to be addicted to serving the saints of God.  They devoted their time and attention to people, for the cause of Christ.  We as Christians should be servants to others.  It shouldn’t matter to us whether they are rich, poor, lost, saved, educated, or illiterate, the ministry is about people not what they have or don’t have.  We don’t need to get our magnifying glass out and look at others and their faults and say we cannot help them because they have problems.  We all have problems and we all have faults.  What we need to do is get in the mirror of God’s Word and let His Word work in our lives and show us our faults so that when we see others we see them as people in need and need serving.  To be addicted to serving others it takes time and it takes practice.  A true servant will serve when no one else is looking and will do things for others because they want to serve.  A servant is someone God can use.  Are you of the household of Stephanas?  Are you addicted to serving the saints of God?  We should be addicted to serving others.  Our life should be about others.


This morning’s sermon was out of Isaiah 39:1-8 on “America’s Families Only Care About Today.”  How true that statement is.  As families we make decisions that we only think affect us today, but really our decisions will affect generations to come.  We care more about our generation, and not about the generation of our children, and our children’s children.  Every decision affects today and 20 years from now.  We only care about today because we forgot the blessings of God.  We need to remember the blessings of God on our lives because if we don’t remember, we will forget.  Our decision will affect many generations to come, and we need to keep that in the forefront of our minds when we make decisions.  The decisions that really affect the generations to come are the decision we say we don’t care about.  Also, we have allowed idols in our homes.  We’ve allowed our kids to idolize the people and things of this world, and we as parents have allowed ourselves to have idols.  Our idols are taking us away from God and away from us making the right decisions for today and 20 years down the road.  Thirdly, our precious things have been readily available to be seen by the world.  We’re letting our children parade in front of this world, and the world is bidding on them.  The world and the devil wants our children and as long as we parade them around and are not concerned about the decisions we make, we are allowing the world to get more of a hold on their lives. Lastly, we don’t care about repenting of our sins.  We only care about what happens today.  We forget that our sin doesn’t just affect us; it will go to our third and fourth generation.  A bunch of small steps (sins) will eventually lead to a disaster.  We need to stand up and remember that our decisions today will affect the generations to come.  Do you really care about your family and the state your family will be in about 20 years from now?  How many of your family will still be in church 20 years from now because of decisions you have made?  We need to wake up America.


Tonight Pastor preached a great message on “I Love Church” out of Psalm 122:1-9.  As a saved person we should love church and we should love coming to church.  There should be nothing greater to us then being able to come to church.  We should love church because it’s the place we have complete freedom to worship God.  We can worship God at any time during the church service and we can do it with others that are in the church.  We do not come to church alone, there are others families that join us for church and we should join in worship with them.  We should worship whether it be by saying Amen, or allowing God to break us and letting a tear run down our face.  We should love church because it’s a place that has a wall around it.  The church has boundaries that are up for our protection.  We don’t have to worry about our kids getting molested, or that the Sunday School teacher will teach wrong doctrine.  We can come to church and relax and let God just work in our lives and keep the walls built up around the church.  God has placed walls around His house to protect it and those that enter the church.  Thirdly we should love church because of the walk that God gives.  Wherever the church goes, we should go.  There should be total and complete unity amongst the members of a church.  There is no telling what a church in unity can do for God.  Nobody could stop it.  Fourthly it’s a place where we can find wisdom.  We learn from church how to love our enemies when we would rather do our enemies harm.  God teaches otherwise and we learn that in church and from God’s Word.  We also learn that God can take a person that we think God can’t use and He can turn their life around totally and use them greatly for His work.  God can take nothing and make something.  Lastly, we should love church because of the wealth that it brings.  We may not be rich monetarily, but we have a wealth of knowledge given to us by God.  We have great friends in the house of God that will help us.  Our friends in this world will never help us like our friends in the church.  We have true wealth because our family is in church.  That is a big blessing today.  Riches are not all about money.  There is a wealth that only God can give.  The wealth of God is much greater than the wealth of this world.  Do you love church?  Were you glad and happy to be able to wake up this morning and be able to get an opportunity to go to church and worship God?  We should love church.

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