Wednesday, July 01, 2015

We had a great service tonight.  Pastor preached out of Matthew 17:14-21; Luke 9:37-44 and Mark 9:28-29 on “The Downfall of Not Fasting and Praying.”  There is power in prayer and fasting.  We are dealing with the devil more than we realize today.  There is no power to overcome the devils control when we are not fasting and praying.  Because there is no power people get hurt.  In this story, the daddy, the son, and the Master all got hurt.  The daddy was hurt because the disciples couldn’t cast the devils out of his son.  You’re praying for something to happen and nothing happens, it could be that the person you are praying for is filled with the devil.  Sad to say though, missing a meal is more important to us than our loved ones, or someone we are praying for getting the help that they need for the Lord.  A son was hurt in this story as well.  Too many times we are satisfied with a powerless life.  How long are we going to stay satisfied with our lives?  Our children need us to get serious and fast and pray for them.  The Master was hurt as well.  He was hurt by His men, the ones that were His second hand men.  God is hurt with us because we are satisfied with how things are for us.  We are satisfied with our powerless lives.  The disciples didn’t think it was a big deal, but it was.  We need to realize that what we are dealing with is a big deal.  We are fighting against the devil and that is a big deal.  We need to get disappointed with our life being powerless.  How many more prayers would have been answered if we had just taken the time to get serious about the matter?  Secondly, we have no problem criticizing those that are doing something for God.  Our problem is we have gotten prayer down and we want to know what our position is going to be with God, not caring about others.  We are so lifted up in pride.  There was a man that day that had been listening to Jesus and was casting out devils in His name.  He was on the Lord’s side though the disciples couldn’t see if because they were too lifted up in pride.  They should have been repenting of their lack of faith but instead they were criticizing someone that was trying to do something for the Lord.  The disciples weren’t critical about the world and the ways of the world, but they were critical of someone doing something for the Lord.  Instead of being critical they should have been excited; excited that someone else was doing something for the Lord.  How important is it to you that others get the help from the Lord that they need?  Do you take the time to fast and pray for their needs?  Or are you satisfied with a life that is powerless?

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