Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wow, what a great day we had in the Lord’s house today.  We heard some really great messages today and we had quite a few visitors today.  We had one new family visit with us both in the morning and evening services.  So glad they were able to come and be with us for the services.


This morning for Sunday school we looked at Jason in the Bible and how that he made the right choice of making the right kind of friends.  He associated himself with the Apostle Paul and Silas. Who we choose as our friends is very important.  Our friends can either make us or break us.  They will either help us or hurt us.  It will be one or the other.  Even if we hang around a bad friend one day a week, we will still get their influence on our lives.  But, the more we hang around the bad kind of friends, the more they will influence our lives for the bad.  That’s why it’s very important that we hang around godly friends.  We need friends that will encourage us and help us in our Christian walk with the Lord.  If we hang around good godly friends, we won’t have to worry about the things of this world rubbing off on us.  Our choice of friends is very important.  It cannot be stressed enough or repeated enough times for young people to realize and understand that their choice of friends is very important.  Their friends will either make them or break them.  Choose your friends wisely.  If you are hanging around the wrong kind of friends now, quit hanging around them and get around some good, godly friends.


This morning Pastor preached out of John 5:28-47 on “The Problem is You.” Our problem is us, not others.  Too many times we try to blame our problems on others, but we shouldn’t because they are not our problem.  We are our own problem.  The problem is you if you don’t believe there is life after death.  Just because you don’t believe there is life after death doesn’t mean that there isn’t life after death.  There is life after death and there are only two places you will go.  You will either go to Heaven, or you will go to Hell.  There is no in-between, no purgatory to go to.  The saved will go to Heaven and there we will stand in judgment for our works.  Our works will be tried.  For those that have rejected God and His salvation, they will spend their life after death in a place called Hell.  They will spend eternity in a lake of fire.  Jesus is coming again whether you are ready or not and whether you believe it or not.  Secondly the problem is you because you wouldn’t believe the preacher I sent.  For a little while they liked the messenger God sent them, John the Baptist.  But when he started pointing out their sins they no longer liked him.  Things haven’t changed much in today’s economy. Everybody likes the preacher as long as he doesn’t deal with sin.  But he deals with sin because he loves us and wants us to serve God with all of our heart.  Lastly, the problem is you because you won’t believe the Word of God.  The Bible reigns higher than what the preacher says because the Bible (the King James Version) is our final authority.  The Bible is true whether you believe it or not.  If you don’t believe what God wrote, that’s your problem.  Remember, the problem is you, not everyone else.  You can try to blame it on others, but it is you.


Tonight, Bro. Michael Sales (member of Antioch Baptist Church) preached for us.  He preached out of Isaiah 59:1-21 on “Stopping the Ears of God.”  We are the ones that stop the ears of God up.  It is our problem not God’s or someone else’s.  God can still save the lost and his ear can still hear. So the problem is not that he can’t hear, but we have stopped up His ears because of the way we are living.  Our iniquity is the problem (v. 3).  Sine keeps god from hearing our prayers.  As long as we have sin in our lives God will not and cannot hear our prayers.  Our actions are our problems.  Our hands our defiled by the things that we handle that shouldn’t be handled.  Our fingers are defiled by what we do on our computer or our phone when no one is around or looking.  Our lips are speaking lies.  Lies comes in different settings, there is the little white lie, the half-truth, the almost truth, etc.  All of those are not the full truth and so therefore they are a lie.  Our tongue is defiled because of the things that we talk about to others.  Thirdly, our thoughts are out problems (v. 4). Our thoughts keep us from getting our prayers answers because they are not pure thoughts.  What we think about matters.  One day we will have to give an account to God for the things that we have thought about in our minds.  Fourthly, our products are our problems (vs. 5-6).  Partake of the things of this world and you will die from the viper.  Stand against it and you still have to face the viper.  Don’t get too close to the world and the things of the world to where you have to face the viper.  You see the product of the cockatrice’s eggs and we also see the web.  The products of this world don’t show you the whole truth.  The beer companies and the cigarette companies only show you a person having a good time.  They don’t show you the end where the person has lost everything and living under a bridge or a person that has ended up in the hospital with lung cancer.  Lastly, there is hope.  God is a longsuffering God and He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.  Whether saved or lost, God wants us to repent. God wants to hear us pray, but as long as there is something between us and God He cannot hear our prayers.  Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you.  God desires to have a close relationship with us.  We all have our problems that we face.  We know what hinders us from having our prayers answered and from having a close relationship with God.  We know where we are weak.  But, that can change.  Repent and God will again hear our prayers.


A few more pictures have been added to Youth Conference 2015 and also Vacation Bible School 2015.  Check out the pictures.  More pictures will be posted probably the end of this week or possibly next week.  Just keep checking back with us.  Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and for looking at our website.