Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pastor preached tonight out of Psalm 61:1-8 and Exodus 2:1-4 on “Right Prayer.”  We put more stock in what others say and think than what God says and thinks.  We should be more concerned about what God thinks about us. To have right praying we need to ask God to put us on the right path.  David was at the place where he couldn’t do anything.  He was at the end of his rope.  When we get to the end of our rope, that’s when we need to cry out to God and let Him lead us.  Ask God to lead us somewhere that is higher than we are.  We also need to get placed under the right pavilion.  Get under the pavilion of God.  If we get any help, it has to come from God.  People will see a difference in us if we will just hinder under the pavilion of God.  The rock was God in verse two.  In the past God had always been there for him, He was his pavilion to run to.  We need to look back at all the times God has been there for us, where He has helped us, and let us rest under His pavilion.  Remember, don’t forget God’s working that He did in our past.  Thirdly, we need to ask God to keep us in the right place.  We need to get under His wings so that He will be seen, not us.  It is not the funniest place to be, but it is the greatest place to be spiritually.  When we get under the covert, all we can see is the covert (God).  If we see only God, we will stay in God’s house all the days of our lives.  If we don’t, we will get out.  Also, we need to get around the right people.  We need to get around and stay around those that have the same heritage as those that are saved.  We should be desirous of being around those that are saved and what to live for God and serve Him.  Also, we need to get with the right plan.  If we’re going to make it, it’s going to take God helping us stay on the right plan.  It will take us letting Him lead our lives and staying where He has put us.  Sixthly, we need to have the right preparation.  We do not need to get away from the truth because that is where we find out help.  The Word of God is where our help comes from and we need to stay as close as we can to the Word of God.  Lastly, right praying will produce the right performance.  We will want to accomplish the vows that we have vowed to God.  We will want to do all that we are supposed to do from here on out.  If we don’t get God to help us, we won’t be here very long.  Or, we may be here bodily, but we are not here spiritually.  There is protection in God’s house and in prayer.  How is your praying?

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