Sunday, July 26, 2015

We had another great day today in God’s house.  But what day in God’s house is not great?


For Sunday school we learned about the Apostle Paul.  What a great man of God he was.  We have looked at other people in the New Testament the past few weeks and we have found that in some fashion or form they knew the Apostle Paul or worked with him in the ministry.  The Apostle Paul was always out to help others and to encourage them.  Why? Because he loved to be around people and help people in the things of the Lord.  This morning we looked at love and how we are to love one another.  As a Christian we ought to be known for our love.  The Bible tells us about 34 things that we should do for one another as a Christian. But, we can really narrow it down to just one.  If we have this one thing for one another we will do the other 33 things without really even thinking about.  The one thing that we should have for one another is love.  If we love the brethren like we should we will help bear their burden, care for them, comfort them, have compassion for them, edify them, exhort them, forgive them, be hospitable to them, be kind to them, minister to them, have peace with them, pray for them, prefer them, provoke them, receive them, be of the same mind, serve them, be subject unto them, and teach them.  If we do not love, we will not do any of the things listed above.  How is your love for others?  Do you love others the way that you should?


This morning Pastor preached out of James 4:13-17 on “We Don’t Have a lot of Time.”  We are not going to beat time.  We will all die one day unless the Lord comes back before we die.  Sadly today, many people make plans and leave God out of their plans.  Our plans ought to have God in the center of them. Why? Because God is the One that made us, made time, and knows what the future holds.  We can say we are going to do something on Friday, but we don’t know if we really will or not because we do not know what lies ahead of us between now and Friday.  A plan without God is a ticket for failure.  If we don’t keep our eyes on God, the devil will work his way into our plans.  We’re either controlled by God or by the devil; we cannot be controlled by both.  Our time is running out.  What are we going to do with the time that we have left on earth? Are we going to center our plans around God, or are we going to make out own plans and leave God out.  What is your life?  Our life is like a vapor.  It’s here for a little while and then it’s gone.  If we plan our lives around God, it will be a fulfilling life and one that God will be pleased with.


Tonight Pastor preached on “That’s all Jesus Wants” out of Mark 14:3-9.  God wants us to do what we can do; nothing more and nothing less.  In this story a woman took an alabaster box of ointment of spikenard and broke it and poured it on Jesus’ feet.  Some were mad at what she did, but Jesus did not get mad at her because she did what she could.  All God asks of someone is to do what they can do.  If we look in 1 Chron. 28:2-10 we find that David did what he could to build the house of the Lord yet he didn’t get to build the house of the Lord.  God allowed his son Solomon to build the temple.  David didn’t get upset or mad at God because he didn’t get to build the house.  Instead, he set his mind on helping his son build the temple by gather all the material that Solomon would need to build the temple.  He did what he could. If we look in Luke 23:5-53 we see that Joseph did something no one else wanted to do.  He begged for the body of Jesus to wrap His body up and to lay it in a tomb.  He couldn’t be a disciple and he couldn’t be Lazarus, but he could be Joseph and he could do what Joseph could do.  What he did was good enough for the Lord because he did what he could.  In Mark 12:41-44 we see the widow lady gave two mites and she gave more than the others in Jesus’ eyes.  She gave all she had and therefore she gave her best and she did what she could.  She couldn’t give a lot of money like the others could, but she gave all she had and she gave what she could.  God can take her two mites and do more with it than with the others that gave proudly and wanted everyone to see what they gave.  Will you be remembered for doing all that you could do?  God’s not looking for the best Sunday school teacher or the best preacher, or the best pastor, or the best soul-winner.  He is looking for someone that will do all that they can do.  Teach, preach, and soul-win as God have you to.  You’re not going to be like anyone other teacher or preacher or soul-winner, but you should do your best and give God your all in what you do.  God just wants you to do your best.  Do what you can do and leave the rest up to God.  If we do what we can do, God will do what we cannot do.  Are you doing all you can do?  That’s all God is asking for.


Awesome preaching in August is right around the corner.  It will start next Tuesday night with Bro. Harry Hensley.  You don’t want to miss out on our mid-week services this month.  Come to the meeting if you get a chance.  For August our mid-week prayer service is moved from Wednesday to Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m.  We are looking forward to the difference preachers each week, and look forward to what God has for us during the month of August.  Pray with us during the month of August that we will allow God to work in our lives through the preaching of God’s Word.


I’m sorry for not posting any new pictures this week, but time did not permit me to do so.  I will try to work on some this week and get them posted.  If I get some posted I will give an update here and let you know so you can look at the new pictures that are up.  Thank you for your patience.

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