Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bro. Stephen Weaver preached for us last night. He preached out of Joshua 24:1-15 on “It’s Your Choice.” In this chapter Joshua is giving his final message to the children of Israel. His message was fearless and it was faithful. We all have choices to make in life. We have the choices of who is our friends, who will we marry, where will we work, when will we graduate from school, etc. But one day we will all be faced with the choice of who we are going to serve. It is our choice in fearing the Lord. The Lord doesn’t make us fear Him, but it is a choice that we have to make. If we want wisdom we need to learn to fear the Lord. The fear that Joshua is talking about is a reverential fear, a reverence fear, and a respected fear. If we fear the Lord as we should, we will live right. God’s been so good to us, we ought to fear what God will do to us if we leave the Lord and quit serving Him. It is also our choice to serve the Lord in sincerity and truth. Our worship should be a true worship not a worship that shows off. God wants us to serve Him being sincere with our service and letting it be true. Our service for the Lord should be real and others should know that it’s real. Thirdly it is our choice to put away strange gods. We can hold on to our strange gods, or we can put them away. If we are ever going to serve the Lord we are going to have to put them away. We cannot serve both; it has to be one or the other. Lastly we have a choice in who we will serve. We can either choose to serve the god of this world, or we can choose to serve the true and living God. Joshua said he and his family was going to serve the Lord. They would have served the Lord even if none of the children of Israel decided to serve the Lord. The children of Israel made a covenant that they would serve the Lord. The covenant was written in stone and placed near the tabernacle of the Lord. It was there for others to see that they chose to serve the Lord and it was there as a reminder to them that they chose to serve the Lord. Who are you going to serve? The choice is yours to make. One day you will make this choice, which will it be. Will you serve the god of this world, or will you serve the real and true Almighty God?

Sorry for the late post on last nights sermon.

Also check out the updated photos under Youth Conference 2015. That is all I am posting for now for the Youth Conference, may post more in a few weeks. Will begin working on Vacation Bible School pictures soon and posting more of those. Hope you enjoy the photos.