Sunday, August 02, 2015

What a day we had today. God is always so good to us. Always provides the messages that are needed right on time.

For Sunday school we looked at Zacchaeus and how he was saved by the grace and mercy of God. Zacchaeus was a man that was hated by the Jews because he was a publican (a tax collector). But somewhere in time and in his heart he desired to see Jesus. He heard Jesus was going to pass through his town so he climbed in a sycamore tree to see Jesus because he was of little stature. As Jesus passed by the tree he was in, Jesus spoke to him and said he would come to his house and eat at his table. Somewhere in verses 5-8 Zacchaeus gets saved. How do we know that? Because he had a repentant heart a change of heart. At the end of verse 8 you see he would give back fourfold to those he took money from wrongfully. That is a change of heart and was evidence of his salvation. No, his works didn’t save it, it was simply evidence that he had gotten saved. Salvation and asking the Lord into our heart is the most important decision we will ever make in life. We are all born sinners (Rom. 3:23) and because of sin in our lives our wages for our sins is death, eternal separation from God in Hell. But, God sent His only begotten Son into the world to die for the sins of mankind. He died so that we might live. He died as a gift of salvation for us. God is holding out the gift of salvation for us to receive, it’s up to us to receive the gift. God cannot make anybody receive the gift of salvation, but it is there freely to be received. All we have to do is ask God to come into our heart and save us and to forgive us of our sins. Ask and we will receive. Once we are saved, our names are written in the book of life. Are you saved? Has your name been written in the book of life?

This morning Pastor preached from his heart out of Mark 2:1-10 on “It’s the Bed that’s Our Problem.” There are so many hindrances of people seeing the Lord. When we don’t live as God would have us live we are hindering others from seeing the Lord. The bed today has got us in trouble. We would help in a Sunday school class, or go soul-winning, or work in the print shop, or whatever; but we make excuses as to why we cannot do those things. We have gotten comfortable where we are at. God has given us the power to do what he has called us to do, but we’ve gotten to comfortable in our routine that we do not desire to do God’s calling on our life. The bed is our reason why we aren’t spiritual. The man of the palsy dropped his bed off that day and never carried it around again. We as Christians though are still carrying around our bed of excuses just in case we fall or fail. We will have an excuse to lie back down and not do anything for the Lord. The longer he walked, the stronger he got. He was so excited that day about walking that what others were saying and doing didn’t bother him. We today are too concerned about what others are going to say or do if we do anything for the Lord. So we would rather do nothing than to have others supposedly talk about us. No matter how long we have been saved, there is going to be a tendency to lie down on our bed of excuses again, but we need to realize that God has given us the power and strength to do the calling that He has placed on our lives. The bed is our crutch. We make so many excuses and God is getting sick and tired of all the excuses we are making. Does God cry because He has given you the power to do something for Him, but you won’t do it because you’re too busy making up excuses of why you can’t do it? God has given you the strength that you need. Rely upon Him and let Him help you. Make up your mind if you are going to serve Him or not. Is the bed your problem? Are you busy making excuses for why you’re not doing anything for God? If so, change your ways and let God help you. The power and resources are there, you just have to trust Him to use you.

Tonight Pastor preached on “You Know” out of Joshua 24:22, James 4:17 and Proverbs 7:10. Every person has a conscience. We all know a lot of things we just like to pretend we are dumb. We know how everybody else is doing wrong, but when it comes to us and our sins, our faults, our failures, etc.; we don’t know about it. We are dumb to our sins and the things that are wrong in our lives. As a Christian we know which God is wrong. Joshua didn’t name the strange gods, because he knew the children of Israel knew what gods he was talking about. We know what gods we are serving. We know who we are supposed to serve. Anything that takes first place above God that is not of God is a god. We cannot serve both the god of this world and God. We have to make a choice which God we are going to serve. And as a saved person, we know which God we should serve. Also we know which land is wrong. We don’t need to get involved with the people of this world. We do not need to hang around them and let them be our best friends. The people of this world will only cause us to shrink spiritually. They are not out to help us, but rather to hurt us spiritually. We know what the world will do to us, but how many times do we catch ourselves living in the wrong land. Thirdly we know which wilderness is barren. The children of Israel wondered in the barren wilderness for 40 long years. That is 40 years of their lives that was wasted. By the time those that were 20 years old got to the Promised Land, they were too old to really enjoy the fruits of the land and the freedom that came with the land. There was nothing for them in the wilderness, and there is nothing for us in the wilderness of this world. Did we read our Bible and pray like we should have last week? When we don’t read our Bibles and pray like we should we are doing all that we can to serve Him. If we don’t read and pray at all we are living in a barren wilderness. God doesn’t want us to live in a barren wilderness spiritually. He wants us to live in the Promised Land, a land of victory in the Christian life filled with fulfilling all that God wants us to do. Lastly, we know which God is true. We know who God is. We know who speaks to our hearts when we haven’t done all that we should for Him or when we have sinned. We act dumb, but inside we really know who is speaking to us as Christians. If you want to be spiritual, read your Bible and put yourself in it. Look at you in the Bible. Get your life right first before you look on anybody else’s life. When you get right, you’ll make a good husband, wife, or child. You know what is right, so do it. Act on what you know.

Awesome Preaching in August starts this week. Bro. Harry Hensley will be with us on Tuesday night for our mid-week prayer service. Come out and join us if you can. Service starts at 7:30p.m. We are looking forward to this month and all that God has in store for our lives through the different preachers this month.