Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Awesome preaching in August has started off with a huge bang. Bro. Harry Hensley preached for us tonight out of Psalm 116:16-19 on “In the Courts of the Lord’s House.” Today people are leaving the house of God that has been there for years. But as the time draws closer to the Lord’s return we should desire to be more at the house of God. The house of God should be very important to a Christian. The Lord’s house is the place where our families can get the strength that they need from the Lord. At times we will find it hard to keep going for the Lord, but if we keep coming to the Lord’s house we will get the strength we need to keep going. We are not going to get our strength from the world or from a TV; we are going to get it from God’s house. The devil is out to destroy our families and we need to get all the strength up that we can so we can fight against the devil. It is also a place where our failures can be forgiven. We all have failures that we need to have forgiven. No one is perfect. It doesn’t matter how much we try to live clean, we are still going to fail from time to time. We need to ask God to forgive us of our failures when He shows them to us. God will forgive if we only confess. Thirdly, it is a place where my future can be made clearer. The world has no hope. How do they make it? They have nothing to put their hope in. But we as Christians have Christ that we can put our hope in. The Lord is coming back soon. Are you ready for His coming? If He was to come back right now would be ready? Are you saved? Is your sins confessed before God? Are you living as close to God as you know He would want you to? Our future as a Christian is brighter because Jesus is coming back for His children. Also the Lord’s house is a place where my flame can be breathed upon. We need to get the touch of God at God’s house on our lives. Do we feel His touch, His presence in God’s house when we come to church? Lastly, it is a place that will help us finish right. We shouldn’t want to let God down, let our spouse down, let our children down, and let our church down. If we do not finish right we are letting everyone down. The devil doesn’t want us to finish right so he is going to do all that he can to keep us from finishing right. But, if we stay in the right church we will finish right. How important is God’s house to you? Do you enjoy being in God’s house?

We are looking forward to being in God’s house on Sunday and seeing what the Lord has in store for our lives.