Sunday, August 09, 2015

It’s always a good day when you can go to the house of God and be around fellow believers and to hear the Word of God being taught and preached in truth.

This morning for Sunday school we learned about Aristarchus and how he was a missionary helper to the Apostle Paul. He accompanied the Apostle Paul to Asia and to Rome on missionary journeys. A missionary is anyone who tells others about the gospel message. We don’t have to go to a foreign field in order to be a missionary, but we can be a missionary right here where we are at. Every time we go on visitation we are being a missionary and every time we talk to someone about the Lord, we are being a missionary. All of us are not going to be called to be a missionary on a foreign field, but that should not stop us from being a missionary where we are at. It also shouldn’t stop us from being a blessing, help, and encouragement to the missionaries we support or we have come to our church to visit. We shouldn’t be jealous because someone else has gone to the mission field but we haven’t. God uses everybody in the way that He wants to use us. As long as we are doing what God wants us to do here, we are of the same value to God as a missionary that has crossed the ocean to go to a mission field. We can be a blessing to missionaries by praying for them, writing them, reading their prayer letters, talking to them, and going on mission trips when the opportunity arises. God wants us all to be missionaries, and we all can be missionaries if we only let God use us where we are at.

This morning Pastor preached on “Walking Down a Different Path” out of Romans 6:1-4; and 5:20-21. As a Christian today we are still making a choice on the path that we walk as a saved person. If we are going to walk down the path that God wants us to, we have to be prepared. We have to be prepared spiritually and mentally. If we are going to walk down a different path we are going to have to avoid sin. We ought not to have a desire to live in our past sins. If we live in our past sins we are hurting the grace of God. Others will see us and think that there is no difference between us and them because we have returned to our old ways. If we continue in sin, we won’t be prepared for the path we should be on for the Lord. Our problem is we get so comfortable with sin that we do not even try to avoid it. We should never get comfortable with sin but we should avoid it at any cost. To walk down a different path we cannot be associated with our enemy. We cannot afford to hang around the devil’s crowd any longer. If we are saved we should be desirous of hanging around those that are of like faith and fashion. We do not have the right to associate with our past and those that we use to hang around with. We should not desire to go back to where we used to be. Thirdly, we will be annoyed by sin if we are walking down a different path. Sin will always annoy us and we need to always be reminded of that. An instrument of unrighteousness only causes confusion which comes only from the devil. No matter what you try to do for God, the instrument of unrighteousness will always be there trying to convince you not to go on for God. Lastly, there’s an answer for our sin. The answer is getting God back in His rightful place and state in our life. We should thank God for His help over sin not our friends or family. God is the one Who delivers and helps us. Our homes would be a mess without God and so would our lives. When He is not the center focal point of our lives, we will yield to sin. Our heart has to be changed. We cannot walk the new path by ourselves; we will have to have the help of God in our lives. Are you walking down a different path?

Tonight Pastor preached out of Numbers 14:1-11 on “Somebody Must Deal with the Bees”. If we are going to enjoy the honey God has promised us in our spiritual lives we are going to have to fight the bees. We are going to have to fight the bees in our homes. There are bees in our homes whether we believe it or not. Many homes today do not get the honey because they do not deal with the bees that are in their homes. People want a Christian home but they are not willing to pay the cost and fight the bees. If we live for God we are going to have to fight bees. If we do not deal with the bees to begin with, they are only going to get bigger and multiply. If we want our kids to have honey, we are going to be the ones to teach them how to get it. We will have to show them how to fight against the bees in our homes. We also must deal with the bees in the world. We do not need to talk about Egypt because the more we talk about it, the more real it becomes to us and the more our desire to go there will be. If we talk about the world it ought to be negative and how bad it is. If we talk negative about the world, we will keep in focus just how bad it was out in the world. We also shouldn’t look at the world. The world has broken homes and broken lives. The world has nothing to offer us as a Christian. There will be no going back if we don’t talk about it or if we don’t look at the world. Thirdly, we must deal with bees about the man of God and the messages that he preaches to us. What do we do with the messages that he preaches? Do we even care what he preaches? God sets the standards for man; the man of God just upholds the standards of God. Do the messages that we hear preached each week change our lives? We also should keep our mouth off the man of God. He’s God’s man and we should touch God’s anointed. If we don’t understand something the man of God says we should ask the man of God about it, or ask God to help us understand what he is trying to say to us. We must also fight the bees about God’s house. God’s house should be important to us and we shouldn’t allow the things of this world to come into the house of God. The house of God is important and we should treat the house of God with respect. Lastly we see that Caleb fought the bees. He fought the bees with his attitude. He saw the same thing the other 10 spies saw, but he had a different attitude about going into the land of Canaan. Our attitude about fighting the bees will make a big difference. If we don’t care about fighting the bees in our lives we will never have a spiritual life filled with honey. Caleb also fought in his walk. He followed the Lord God wholly with his heart. He had a record for fighting bees and for winning the battles. He followed the Lord even when he didn’t understand why. He just trusted God and kept walking and fighting the bees. He was allowed into the land of Canaan because he was willing to fight the bees. Caleb enjoyed the life of victory and so did his children and his grandchildren. If we are not fighting the bees, we are not doing anything for God. If we want to do something for God we are going to have to fight the bees. Are you fighting the bees in your life?

Tuesday night Bro. Terry Brock will be with us for our mid-week prayer service. Come out and be with us if you can.

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