Sunday, August 15, 2015

We were thankful to once again be in the Lord’s house and to hear some great preaching.

This morning our Sunday school lesson was on Isaac and how he was a person who meditated. Meditation was a habit that he did in his life and his walk with the Lord. He spent time alone with God just meditating. As a Christian we should be meditating on God, His Word, and His works. If we are going to meditate we have to set aside time to do so. God wants us to meditate on Him and the things that pertain to Him. Meditation is to the heart and mind as digestion is to our body. When our body digests food it gives our body energy and nutrients. When we meditate upon God and the things that pertain to God we are giving our spiritual body energy and nutrients that are needed for each day. How is your meditation? Do you spend time meditating?

This morning Pastor preached out of Luke 23:33-45 on “Roadblocks on the Way to Hell.” The failures in his life without Christ were a roadblock on his way to hell. He was where he was because of his failures. We don’t get right with God because God shows us our failures and we still just try to struggle through it all. The thief realized his failures got him nowhere and he realized that what he had only failed him. Life will be filled with failures without Christ. He confessed outwardly what he knew was wrong on this inside. Secondly the faithful that will always be there was another roadblock. The faithful couldn’t believe they were killing Him. There were faithful ones down at the cross. The thief looked down and probably saw none of his friends watching him die, but Jesus had a group of followers that were faithful to Him until His death. The faithful make a bigger impact on other people’s lives more than they realize. Also those that are forgotten are another roadblock to hell. The road of sin is a dead end and there are no off roads on this road. The forgotten memories of his past came back to him and he remembered about God’s kingdom. The thief got saved that day because of his memories. Sinners today still get saved a lot of times because of their memories. Lastly, the church is a roadblock. People were at church today because of a reason. God sent them to church to get another chance at salvation. God let them hear another message on salvation. God puts all kind of roadblocks up in a person’s life to keep them from going to hell because He does not want a single person to go to hell. Are you saved?

Tonight Dr. Young preached for us on “The Christian’s Rewards” out of Revelation 3:7-11; 2 Corinthians 5:10 and 1 Corinthians 3:11-15. If we do what we do to glorify God, we will receive a crown at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Our life should be lived to glorify God and that is all. We should be running for the crowns that we can obtain in the Christian life. There are five crowns that we as Christians can obtain. The first crown is the incorruptible crown (1 Corinthians 9:24-27). This is the crown that we can obtain by controlling the old man. We will control our habits of this life to where they are God honoring. We will give ourselves to reading, praying, fasting, etc. Our pleasures should be fulfilling of the things of God. We should have control over filthy lucre. We take hold of the plow and not be lazy. We should be willing to do anything for God. The next crown we can obtain is the soul-winners crown. How many have we won to the Lord since we have gotten save? How excited are we about seeing people saved? Do we have a burden for those that are lost and on their way to a devils hell? We don’t need to give up; we need to keep praying for those that are lost whether they are family or friends. The third crown we can obtain is the crown of life. This is the crown for how we handle the trials in our lives. There will be trials where we will have to cry out to God for help because we will not be able to handle them on our own. We will need the strength of the Lord to help us through. God can lift us up in the time of trial when we need it the most. Another crown we can obtain is the crown of righteousness (1 Timothy 4:8). The Apostle Paul was able to say he was going to be given this crown because he lived a life of purging. He kept purifying himself and keeping himself pure, clean and right before God. The Apostle Paul loved holiness. If we want to obtain this crown we must continually, daily purify our lives. We need to make God first place in our lives. The last crown we can obtain is the crown of glory (1 Peter 5:4). This is the crown that will stand. When we stand straight and right for God we are going to lose some of our friends. This is the Pastor’s crown, but it can also be given to anyone that is saved (Matthew 10:40-42). If we stand with our man of God we too can receive this crown from the Lord. How many crowns do you want to give to the Lord? Do you even desire to receive any crowns so that you can give them back to the Lord? Our lives should be to glorify Him and to lift Him up. Strive to earn the crowns that you can win for the Lord.