Tuesday, August 18, 2015

We had another great mid-week prayer service in our Awesome Preaching in August.

Dr. Terrell Hopkins preached for us tonight. He preached out of Exodus 33:7-11 on “Good Laborers.” Joshua was a person who sought after God. He learned from his leader Moses how to seek after God. We can teach our children to seek after God. When was the last time our kids saw us on our knees praying? If we are going to spend time in prayer and seeking God we are going to have to set aside some time to pray. We can’t just say I’ll pray when I have time, but you’re going to have to set aside a set time to pray every day. Our children will walk in our footsteps. What are we teaching our children? Joshua was also a good soldier. He fought the battles for his man of God and he did as he was told. We need to pray for the burdens that our man of God carries. Our Pastor’s hands get heavy and we need to help him hold up his hands. Our Pastor has pastoral burdens and personal burdens. It is not just the burdens they carry but it’s also the battles that they face. Joshua was submissive to the man of God. He was a joy to his man of God because of his submissive spirit. Are we a joy or a grief to our man of God? How submissive are we to the man of God. Joshua loved doing his position. We should be satisfied in the position God has placed us in. We shouldn’t be worrying about what everyone else is doing for the Lord. We should keep our eyes on ourselves and just do our position to the best of our ability. Joshua was God’s second man. He was Moses’ minister. He just wanted to help the preacher. We can be a help to our Pastor by praying for him and his family, participating with the man of God, protecting the man of God, paying the man of God and by promoting the man of God and his desires. Are we good laborers for the Lord? Do we help our man of God out like we should? Are we a joy to him or a grief to our man of God?

We are thankful for the message we heard tonight and we are looking forward to what God has in store for our lives this Sunday in the Lord’s house. If you do not have a home church to attend please come out and visit with us this Sunday. Sunday school is at 10:00a.m.; Sunday morning service begins at 11:00a.m.; and our Sunday evening service begins at 6:00p.m.