Sunday, August 23, 2015

What a great day we had today in the Lord’s house. The Lord really gave us some good messages today through the man of God.

This morning for Sunday school we looked at Mordecai. Mordecai reported that two men were going to kill King Ahasuerus. Sometime later, Mordecai’s loyalty was brought to the attention of the king after he read the book of Chronicles and saw what Mordecai had done. The king honored Mordecai for saving his life by having him escorted through the city on his horse while wearing the king’s apparel. Just as Mordecai was a delight to King Ahasuerus, we as Christians should be a delight to our King – God. An earthly king can honor a person only so much, but our King can give us honor beyond compare. God delights in us when we obey Him, when we live a pure life, when we obey our parents, when we read the Word of God, when we pray, and when we put Him first in our life. All these things God delights in and is happy with us. It should be our goal in life to live a life that God delights in. When we do things that are wrong and sinful, God is not delighted in us. So we should do our very best to have God delighting in our lives. When our lives please God, He will give us the desires of our hearts and He will answer our prayers according to 1 John 3:22. Does God delight in your life? Is God smiling because of the life that you are living right this moment?

This morning Pastor preached out of Psalm 91:1-16 on “The Supplies of the Secret Place.” When we get into the secret place of God we should never want to leave. As Christians we need to get in that secret place with God. In the secret place there is no delivering until you get into that place. When we get in that place we can find true deliverance. The Deliverer took care of David because he stayed in the secret place. He may never have understood or knew how God delivered him, but David knew God had delivered him from the hand of his enemy. There is no end to the deliverance of God if we stay in the secret place. God is a man of war and He is not scared of the fight or the enemy. He knows He can defeat the enemy. God is working for us whether we realize it or not and He is delivering us from the enemy whether we realize it or not. Many times God works behind the scenes in our lives and we don’t even know it. No darkness will prevail in the secret place. Darkness gets us scared. Darkness will always be there but it doesn’t have to prevail in our lives. Light will always prevail. Storms don’t last forever and we need to remember that in our lives. There is a peace that comes from dwelling in the secret place when we are in the storms of life. The reward for staying in the secret place is seeing the reward of the wicked and seeing what comes there way because of the way they are living their lives. We can see their reward (which is not good) and see and know that we do not want to go that way. Thirdly, the secret place is a place of peace. There is no place for us to run to if we are not in that secret place. There is peace in the storms of life. There is peace with what the future holds for our lives. We know that God is in control of everything in our lives. Lastly, there is a departure in the secret place. He’ll pick us up when times get tough and we feel like we are all alone. Stay close to Him and He’ll pick us up every time. When we don’t think we can go any farther, God will pick us up and carry us on. We will be able to deal with things we didn’t think we could handle. The sad part about this is we are not capitalizing on the benefits. There are so many benefits to being in that secret place. We will never know those benefits if we never get there. Do you spend time in that secret place? Do you desire to spend time alone with God?

Tonight Pastor preached on “The Sifting” out of Luke 22:31-34. The first thing we see is the destroyer. Satan desires to have us. He wants to destroy our lives. He wants to control us. He wants to put his hand on our lives and move us about like he wants us to. The damage that can destroy the church is from us. The world cannot destroy the church, only we as Christians can destroy the church by letting Satan sift us and destroy our lives and testimony for God. We are the only ones that can hurt the church. Satan wants to crush us. He wants to push us through and destroy our lives. What Satan does to us doesn’t start our bad, but it ends badly. He will break us down slowly but surely if we let him. Next we see the deliverer? Nothing can separate Jesus from the Father. There is always an open line of communication between the two of them. It’s a joy to know that Jesus is praying for us. Jesus prayed that Peter’s faith would fail not. Peter had faith in Jesus and Jesus prayed that the faith he had would not fail. He prayed that when he did mess up he would get back up on his feet and help others out. There is power in prayer and we know that things will happen with Jesus prays for us. Even in the midst of failure Jesus still believed Peter had faith and that he could still make a difference and help others. A Christian should not live in the world of failure. Yes we are going to fail, but we should not live as being a failure. When we fail we need to just get back up and go at it again. We should use our failure to help others who are failing in the same area or who have already fallen into that area. We do not need to listen to the voice of the devil when he tells us we are useless. God works all things out for our good. Lastly we see the determined. Peter was ready, or at least he thought he was ready. We need to beware when we think we are ready or we can handle it. Just because we say we are ready does not mean that we are ready. Don’t be so confident in our Christianity. What Peter should have said was “God, if you will help me….” Jesus gave him a fair warning, but he didn’t heed the warning of God. Heed the Word of God and we will miss the sifter of the devil. We can go through the sifter and make it and not be destroyed by the devil. We can do this by getting in that secret place and allowing God to help us through our struggles and our battles. When God speaks to us it’s a warning and we don’t have much time. If Peter can do what he did, we are no better than Peter by a long shot and we are to it just as quickly. Peter never through he would do it but he did. We can think we would never do anything to hurt God, but we can. Don’t let Satan sift you and destroy your life. Ask God for help and stay in that secret place.

We are looking forward to Tuesday night and what the Lord has in store for our lives through the preaching of the Word of God. This is the last week of August and our last week of Awesome Preaching in August. We have heard some great messages this month from these different men of God that has come to preach for us this month. If you can come be with us we would love to have you join us. The service starts at 7:30p.m.

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