Tuesday, August 26, 2015

Awesome Preaching in August started with a bang and ended with a bang and had bangs all through it. We have heard some really great messages during the past four weeks.

Tonight Bro. Johnathan Mixson preached for us to end our Awesome Preaching in August. He preached out of Galatians 6:1-5 on “Burdens.” We all have burdens in our lives. Sometimes in life we should share our burdens. When others share a burden with us we shouldn’t shoot them because of their burden and what they are going through. Instead, we should give them a helping hand, and help them any way that we can. The devil is doing all he can to destroy us. Instead of destroying others, we should help each other. What keeps us from doing verse two is when we don’t think we will ever have a burden. We need each other. We all at one time or another will face sorrow and grief. Someone in the church is always going through sorrow or grief. Whom have we comforted this week? Whom have we helped this week? We should be ready and willing to help others with their burdens. Sometimes we are given burdens so that we can be a help to others. Don’t shun others because they need help and have a burden. Help them all that you can. Sometime we have to shoulder our own burdens. When we have fallen into sin sometimes that is a burden we have to shoulder ourselves. We have to bear the consequences of the sin that we have fallen into. We can get past our sin because God will help us, but that doesn’t mean we will be free from the consequences or the burden of that sin. We need to be careful about sin and the sins that are in our lives. Lastly sometimes we need to shed our burdens. We need to shed them on the Lord and let Him carry our burdens. God wants us to give our burdens to Him. He wants us to give it ALL to Him. There are sometimes we can’t carry our burdens alone, and God wants us to give it to Him. Sometimes God takes our burdens and carries them for us, and sometimes He carries us and our burdens. He doesn’t carry our burden for us, but He carries us and helps us with our burdens. He’ll take our burdens if we give them to Him. Trust Jesus to help you with your burdens. What kind of burden do you need to help someone else with? What burdens do you need to give the Lord that you are carrying around? Just give it all to Him.