Sunday, August 30, 2015

Today’s been another good day in the house of the Lord.

This morning’s Sunday school lesson was on Amos and he was moldable by God and he was used by God in a great way. He was neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet but God chose him to be a prophet and prophecy to the children of Israel. God was able to use him in that fashion because he allowed God to mold him and use him in any way that God wanted too. The Bible talks about the potter and the clay. As a saved person we are the clay and God is the potter. Amos, as the clay, allowed God (the potter) to shape him and to mold him. As Christians we ought to let God mold our lives and make us into what He wants out of our lives. God looks at each person and knows exactly what He wants to do with their lives, but we have to stay moldable and let God mold us into that vessel of honor that He desires for us to be. We have to stay on the potter’s wheel until He is ready to take us off the wheel. As the clay we should not be telling God what we want to do and be. Instead we should desire being what God wants us to be. We should be happy being the vessel He wants us to be. If we have the attitude that if God doesn’t call me to be a Pastor, I’m going to do nothing for Him. Well, you’ll get your wish because God won’t be able to use you because you are not being moldable. Are you staying moldable? Are you allowing God to mold you into the vessel He wants?

This morning Pastor preached out of Genesis 3:6-13 on “Hearing the Voice of God.” In the relationship of the husband and wife is not right, whether the kids know it or not, the family is not right. We are okay where we are at until we hear the voice of the Lord. We’ve played so long; we hide what we are doing that is not right. When we don’t get sin right, we have to make a plan on how to cover it up, but that cover only last for so long. We will soon have to get another plan to figure out how to keep our sin covered up. Fig leaves won’t always be around, so just remember that. Sin will eventually come out of hiding. Our problem with our sin is we hide instead of heed. We ought to be concerned about what God thinks of our lives and our sin than what man and others think. Our instinct is to blame everyone else for our problems and our sins. But we really need to blame ourselves because we are the reason for our problems and our sins. The church will only thrive when the home thrives. As long as God is speaking to us, we still have a chance. We have a chance to get things made right, and get the sin open and out of our lives. We need to repent and get things right with God and with others. What is the voice of God telling you?

Tonight, Pastor preached out of Philippians 2 1-11 on “The Attitude of the Servant.” We are good actors of being a servant, but we really don’t live it. A true servant doesn’t brag about what he does as a servant. We have to have our minds changed and think like Christ if we want to be a real servant. We shouldn’t just tell people we are a Christian, we should live like we are a Christian. A true servant doesn’t always have to be right. Don’t always have to do it your way. A servant doesn’t know anything. We should live our life for the Master. Also, a servant will have grace in their response to others. They will speak like Christ would speak to others. They won’t have a rebellious attitude or response. They will treat everyone with respect. A true servant will divide things and others will get the biggest part and they will be happy about it. It won’t bother them to get the smaller piece, or no piece at all. They desire to see others happy. A servant never takes the way of superiority. He forgets himself. He’s just glad to be a servant. He doesn’t care if he is neglected or not even mentioned when he has done something. Our problem is we are not servants because we do not spend enough time with the Master to know what He wants us to do and be as a servant. A true servant has complete confidence in the Master. How much confidence to we have in the Master? God can fix our problems. There is nothing too big for God that He cannot fix or handle. God can take care of all our obstacles. Lastly, a true servant is humble in his actions. He doesn’t have to be the center of attention. The servant’s heart is all about the Master. A real servant is happy just being a servant and serving the Master. Are you a servant?