Monday, September 07, 2015

We heard another great message tonight from Dr. Ron Riley. Dr. Riley preached out of Matthew 5:13-16 on “What Should our Life be?” We should be influencing the world, not the world influencing us. As Christians we are called to be salt and a light. Salt preserves (we should preserve out testimony and life), flavors (should be flavoring others, giving them a taste of what it’s like to a Christian), penetrates (out life should penetrate the life of someone else) creates thirst (we should make others thirsty for the Gospel); spreads (Gospel should be spread) and it can lose its strength (What is our influence if Christ is not the center of our life). Light reflects (Jesus is the light of the world and His light should be shinning out of us), reveals (truths of the Bible), and it can grow dim (we hide our light instead of letting it shine). Our life should be a life with security (1 John 5:9-13). When we get saved, our life is sealed for all of eternity. We are saved forever and nothing or no one can change that. God wants us to know we belong to Him and we are secure in Him. We either have the Son living in us, or we don’t. Also, our life should be a life of safeguard (Prov. 4:23). Everything we do proceeds out of the heart therefore we need to guard our heart. We need to keep our heart because the devil is not dead and is attacking every day. He doesn’t give up and we had better guard our heart. None of us that are saved are above falling. The way we can safeguard out life is through reading the Bible every day of our life, have a prayer life that is consistent every day, our church, and service. Also, our life should be a life of sanctification (Eph. 2:19-22). We need to be put on Jesus, not just separated from sin and the world. We need to grown spiritually every day of our life. Our body should be a holy temple, a clean vessel for the Lord to use and empower. Sin dirties the temple and we need to keep sin out of our lives as much as possible. John 15:8-11. As a Christian we should be the happiest people on earth. Happiness comes from joy, which comes from Jesus. If we are not careful we can lose our joy. Attitude has so much to do with joy. People need to see that we are happy. Lastly, our life should be a life with stand (Eph. 6:13). We need to take a stand for our Lord Jesus Christ, even if we have to stand alone. We need to stand for what we believe in. We can stand with the strength that comes from Christ. Someone is always watching us, and if we take a stand, even if it’s a small one, they may just follow along with us. We need Christians to stand tall and stand for what we believe in. What kind of life are you living?