Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pastor preached another good message tonight. He preached on “How David Deals with Himself” out of Psalm 39:1-13. He got his tongue in check with the Lord. If we are not careful we can get wrong being right. He didn’t want to sin with his tongue, and that is something very easy to do if we are not careful with our words. He held his tongue. Many people have lost their testimony all because they couldn’t hold their tongue. We need to realize that we are frail and that what happens to others can just as easily happen to us. A lot of times we forget how frail we are. We don’t need to be so confident about ourselves. David said if he was going to talk, he was going to talk to the Lord about Himself. David didn’t want to live his life with no purpose. He wanted a purpose to his life. Our dreams are empty dreams if God is not the center of our dreams and the center of our lives. He wanted his life to have a purpose and he was guarding himself so that he could live a life with a purpose. Lastly, he asked God to spare him if he was going to make it to the end. He knew he had to have God help him in his life if he was going to finish his life right with the Lord. He knew He couldn’t do it on his own. He knew how frail his life was and how that his feet were nigh to slipping and falling. He was keeping himself in check and realizing he could be the next one to fall. We need to realize that if we are going to finish right with the Lord we are going to have to have God by our side every step of the way. We cannot make it in this world with God and His help in our lives. Just because others live for God doesn’t mean that we can. We can’t live for God just because others have. We just need to keep our eyes on ourselves and ask God to spare us and to help us each and every day of our lives. What we do with God about ourselves determines our testimony. What kind of testimony do you have?

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