Sunday, September 20, 2015

What a tremendous day we had in the Lord’s house. We ought to be thankful for every chance and opportunity we have to go to the house of God.

This morning for Sunday school we finished our lesson on Jeremiah and the importance of the Word of God. The Word of God is so important and cannot be stressed enough how important the Word of God is to a believer. It is important because it gives us direction for each and every day. It tells us how we should live our lives. The Word of God will direct our every step if we just allow it to work in our lives and if we read it every day. It is our only weapon against the Devil and therefore, we need to read it every day so that we know how to defeat Satan. If we do not read the Word of God we will not know how to defeat Satan because we will not know how to use the Word of God against him. We need to know the whole Word of God and accept the whole Word of God not just part of it. We need all of the Word of God to defeat Satan. Not only do we need to read it, but we need to memorize the Bible. Not just to take up time and just to memorize it get things, but we need to memorize it so we can gain strength and we can fight against Satan when he attacks us. It will help keep our minds clean and pure. If we memorize the Word of God and we meditate upon it, we won’t have time to fill our minds up with impure things and things that will destroy our mind. The Word of God is so very, very important.

This morning, Pastor preached out of Luke 15:20-24 on “He Came to Me.” The Devil’s farm is far worse than the Father’s farm will ever be. The prodigal’s father came to him when he wasn’t expecting it. He didn’t think his father would be glad to see him. He wasn’t sure what to expect but his father meeting him was nothing what he expected to happen. When we get to the point in our life where we want to come to God and get right with God, when we make that first step, each step will get easier and easier. The son wondered if his father would still use him; wondered if he would even let him be a servant on the farm. He had nothing to offer his father but himself. God only wants us. God doesn’t need or want our money or our earthly possessions. All God wants is our lives as that is all we have to offer Him. It’s not much, but that is all God is asking of us. The devil wants to and will destroy and waste our life and all that God has given us. The devil would love nothing more than to ruin our life. The father also met him with a heart of compassion. The relationship that was broken with his father was his fault, not his father’s fault. When our relationship with God is broken, it’s not God’s fault, it’s our fault. The father was the first one to show compassion to the prodigal son. God is the first One to show compassion to anyone that returns to Him. The far country is anything away from God. If we get that in our mind, we won’t get away from God, but we will stay close to God. The father also had a heart of grace. His father ran to meet him when he was a great way off. Sometimes it feels like we can never make it back to God, but if we will take that step towards Him, He will come to us and help us make the crossing to get back in fellowship with God once again. The prodigal’s father still loved him even in his weakness and stink. He was glad to have his son back home. Before we go to the far country, we have to have the far country on our mind. Our problem today is we have forgotten what god has done for us. We should be thankful that God is a God of second chances and allows us to come back to Him even when we have done wrong. God is so much better to us than we deserve.

Tonight Pastor preached on “The Downfall of Proverbs 7” out of Proverbs 7:1-27. Young people need to learn now so that they won’t be a simple one when they are older. Our parents are put in authority over us to teach us because we are void of understanding. We are not as smart as we think we are. Sin is empty on the inside, but has a chocolate covering on the outside. At every corner there is something that is waiting to destroy our lives. The first thing we see I the vision of adultery. This woman saw him coming and went after him. She couldn’t stand the purity of this young man and she wanted to ruin his life. Evidently this is a place where this young man went as a routine. If the wrong person or crowd is around, we don’t need to go around there, we need to stay away from it. The devil is already preparing a bed for us to lay in and therefore we need to be so very careful of where we go and what we do and who we hang around with. She ruined his life that day and he didn’t even really care. Her husband when on a long trip with a lot of money and it’s very possible there was a good reason for that. He didn’t want to come home to his wife and he was tired of his wife. Wives need to make the home a pleasant place a place where the husband wants to come home. But the husband also needs to make the home a place where the wife wants to stay. Work at it and make your home a place where your spouse wants to come home and stay home. Secondly you see the voice of adultery. She was subtle of heart. She was slick in what she said to this young man and to any others that she ruined. She was a church going lady as she had payed her vows. Just because they go to church doesn’t mean they love God. Everything sounds good and right with her. She smooth talks and makes everything sound like its okay to do. She doesn’t care about whose life she is ruining she just wants to ruin his life. Thirdly we see her vesture. We know what the attire of an harlot is that’s why the Bible didn’t mention it. They wear clothing that reveals everything about their body. Makeup is part of the attire of an harlot, just look at Jezebel and what she was called. If we are not for sale, we should not advertise that it. He’s looking for you young lady. She’s looking for you young man. Just watch them carefully, and you’ll find out a lot about them. A lady should look like a lady. It gives glory and honor to God and to your husband. Lastly, we see the venom of adultery. Adultery will hold us forever if we fall into adultery. It is something we can never get over or get around it. Every time you try to do things for God you’ll be in the stocks every time. Adultery will hold you back from doing things for God. It will grab you and not let you go. What happened in the dark, he never got away from it for the rest of his life. If we could bring this young man back today, he would say “DON’T GO, DON’T GO THAT WAY, STAY AWAY FROM THAT CORNER.”

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