Wednesday, September 23, 2015

We had a good service tonight. Pastor was home sick tonight with the stomach bug. We pray that he gets better soon and is back to his normal self again and is able to join us Sunday.

Bro. Stephen Weaver preached for us tonight in the absence of Pastor. He preached out of 1 Samuel 1-3 on “How to Keep Growing When all Else is Against You.” Samuel grew physically and spiritually. The devil puts things in our lives to keep us from growing spiritually. Samuel had to deal with Eli’s sons and Eli himself. But in spite of all of that, Samuel still grew spiritually for the Lord. Samuel was able to grow spiritually because he had a spiritual family. He had a praying mom and a praying dad. They had a real love for the Lord. His mom and dad worshiped the Lord. They worshiped the Lord because she knew God would answer her prayer. Because of Samuel’s family he had the strength to grow spiritually for the Lord. Also, Samuel had a sacrificial family. Every year they went and made their yearly sacrifices. They were faithful with their sacrifices and their service to the Lord. They were faithful in prayer and prayed for Samuel to stay strong and to grow in the Lord. They were willing givers to the Lord. They had no regrets about giving Samuel to the Lord. Lastly, Samuel had a servant’s heart. He was a working servant for the Lord. He was willing to do whatever needed to be done and did it cheerfully. He had a desire to help anyone. Are you still growing spiritually? Yes, the Devil will send things our way to try and keep us from growing but we do not need to yield. We need to keep growing for the Lord.