Sunday, September 27, 2015

What a day we had today in the Lord’s house. The Lord helped us today through the messages that were preached. We had 18 kids ride the bus this morning with 2 of them being first time riders. What a blessing that was.

This morning for Sunday school we looked at Ezra and how he prepared his heart to seek after the things of God. God was able to use Ezra as He did because he had a prepared heart. He had a heart that desire to be used by God in any capacity. If we want to do anything for God we need to prepare our heart for the task that God has for us. In order to have a prepared heart we must study and read the Word of God. We have to find out what God wants for our lives and from our lives. We also have to spend time in prayer. If we want a relationship with God we have to read His Word and spend time in prayer. Also we need to practice. Practice what God has placed on our heart to do, or practice the desire that we have in our heart to do for God. If we want to be the next pianist of Antioch Baptist Church we have to practice the piano. Practice makes perfect. Lastly, we must prepare. By studying and reading the Word of God and praying and practicing, we are preparing for the task that lies ahead. Is your heart prepared to see after God and do God’s will for your life?

This morning Pastor preached out of Luke 11:39-44 on “Are you a Pharisee, or are you acting like one?” We have allowed the love of God to fall short in our lives. Our outside looks good, but our inside looks pretty rough. We have the Pharisee mentality that we can’t fall like others have. When we’re more interested in the shine we are a Pharisee. Those little sins will destroy our lives. When we can tell everyone else how to live, yet we live just the opposite. We judge others and tell everyone where they are wrong yet we do no wrong. We are more interested in people seeing us and how spiritual we are then anything else. We are concerned about satisfying everyone else instead of doing our best to satisfy God. Pharisees jump the judgment of God. Christianity goes farther than a wallet; it’s about giving our life to God. We try and cover up everything that we do that we know is sin. Changing the outside doesn’t change the inside. We give as a show to cover up what we really are and what we are doing in secret. Also, a Pharisee is interested in being seen. There’s nothing wrong with the high seat, it becomes wrong when we are there to be seen. We should be happy with the position God has placed us in. A Pharisee has the mentality of look at who we are, look at what we do and look at what we have done. When that attitude takes over, we have just taken the place of Jesus Christ because all that we are; all that we’ve done is all because of Jesus Christ. Lastly, there will be contamination with sin. It was uncleanness for them to be around graves. Being contaminated by sin does not just affect one person, if will affect everyone. Daddy if you’re contaminated, you’re contaminating your children, your wife, and your church. If the cover was yanked off your life, what will be seen? It’s what we can’t see that is your problem.

Tonight Pastor preached on “I’m not giving up yet” out of Psalm 51:1-19. Most people that are rebuked for their sins rebel, but David didn’t rebel, he repented of his sins. God doesn’t want us to give up yet. God can take our blunders and make them a blessing. We just have to leave it in His hands and repent and go on. It’s easier to quit and give us then it is to say that we have sinned against God, but that is what God wants out of us. If we are not going to give up we have to remember the hurtful choices we have made in our lives. Our choices are deeply rooted. We have to deal with the hurtful choices we have made. Sin will always complicate into more than one thing. We can’t get up and go again because we blame everyone else for our problems. Some complications may never get fixed, but that doesn’t give us an excuse to quit. David’s sins were always trying to detour him, and our sins will try to do the same thing. There must also be an honest confrontation. He did God wrong, and he admitted it to God. It we’re going to make it we have to realize who we have wronged. We get right with God and we will be right with everyone else around us. Every sin is against God and that needs to be remembered. Yes, others will be hurt, but the most important person hurt is God. If we will stay close to God, we will not sin against God. Thirdly we find a heartfelt compassion out of someone who’s hurt. Be willing to help those who have gone astray. Tell them the truth but then help them. Lastly, we see healing comfort. He remembered God wouldn’t despise a broken and contrite spirit. Have to have God change your mind from your thinking to His thinking. If you have fallen into sin, don’t give up. Get it right and keep going for the Lord. Yes, it may be hard, but God will help and give you the strength if you truly repent.