Sunday, October 04, 2015

What a great day we had in the Lord’s house today. We had a great start to our Missions Conference 2015 today. The Lord truly blessed today in all the services. We had 14 to ride the bus this morning for church so that was a great blessing.

Bro. Bobby Bolin preached for us this morning in the Sunday school hour to start off our Missions Conference. He preached out of Mark 16:18 on “The Amazing Work of Missions.” It’s because He is alive and well that we have a story to tell others. Does the Word and work of God still amaze you? As a Christian it should. There is still power in the resurrection of Christ. Missions is the heartbeat of God. The amazing work of mission is because we can see sinners are rescued. The Gospel is what makes the difference in a person’s life. Nothing else can change a person like the Gospel can. When a person is saved they are rescued from the pit of Hell and the grip that Satan has on their life. Also it’s because entire families are redeemed. If we can reach one person in a family, we have a great chance to be able to reach the whole family because of the power of God. Lastly, it’s because futures are redirected. Jesus still shows up on the shore of people’s lives. God can do it for everyone. If He did it for the maniac of Gadara in Mark 5 he can do it for our lost family members. After salvation our paths are redirected and directed to walk in the ways of God.

This morning Bro. Lacy Wheeler preached on “Investing in People” out of 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12. If we are going to invest in people it is going to cost us something. There will be contentions along the way with people in the church, and outside of the church as well. There will be some people that are not going to like you doing things for the Lord and investing in the others. It’s going to cost us something, but remember, all our labor and work is not in vain. Also we have to have the right motives. If we have the wrong motive, it will be in vain and nothing much will be accomplished. Do you want to see people saved, or do you have another alternative for them being saved? What is our motive? Why do we go to church? Why do we do what we do? Thirdly we can invest in people by caring about them. We really need to care about others. People do not care how much we know until they know how much we care. Do we really care about others? Do we care about the kids that ride the bus? To care we have to take time with people. Also we invest by preached the Gospel. The Gospel is the only thing that will change someone. The most important way we can invest in someone’s life is to share the Gospel with them. We also need to invest by working. If we are going to build our church we have to work. We have to get the gospel out and that is work. We have to visit, pray, and invite them. Investing in people is a work and it will be hard work, but in the end our labor will not be in vain. We can also invest in others by a holy example. A lot of hindrances today in people getting saved are the way we live our lives. We need to practice what we preach. Live a holy and righteous life. We need to be real and let this world know that we are real. To be spiritual is a decision that we have to make. It isn’t something that comes whether we want it or not. We have to have the desire to be spiritual and to be real. Lastly we invest by exhorting people. We should encourage people to live for God, to keep going. Everyone is fighting a battle, and we should encourage one another to keep living for God. Are you investing in other’s lives? Are you investing right?

Tonight Bro. Randy Sutherland preached out of John 19:25-30 on “It is Finished.” It is finished – the work has been done. His saying fulfilled prophecy. Jesus didn’t die before He was supposed to or after He was supposed to. Jesus died right on time according to God’s plan. Jesus died when He fulfilled all the prophecy of the Old Testament about Him. We cannot stop God and we cannot stop the plan of God from taking place. Jesus fulfilled all the pictures of the Old Testament. Once Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies and pictures of the Old Testament it was His right time to die for mankind. It was also the Father’s purpose. Jesus won the victory through death. Satan and his followers thought they had won the battle, but they did not. Jesus won the victory through death because He rose again the third day from the dead. He beat death, Hell and the grave. He conquered Satan. Lastly, it was also the final payment. The work was finished and will always be finished. Nothing else can be added to the work of God for salvation. Jesus paid the full price and the work was done. Jesus’ death gave us the forgiveness that was promises us. Jesus Christ is the One and Only person that can make us free from our sin. The guilt can be gone if we will put our self at the foot of the cross and come to Jesus for salvation. Are you saved?

We are looking forward to tomorrow night and all that God has in store for us through the singing and the preaching of God’s Word. Come out and be with us if you can. Service starts at 7:30pm tomorrow night through Wednesday night.