Tuesday, October 06, 2015

We had another great night in our Missions Conference.

Bro. Randy Sutherland preached on “Watching for the Wounded in this World” out of Luke 10:29-37. No matter where we go, we are going to find hurting people. Are we trying to be a blessing to the wounded and hurt in this world? This certain man had a path that he was on. Everyone is in need of a Savior that is not saved. If we help someone else’s daughter and/or son, God will send somebody to help our daughter and/or son. He was on a path away from peace. It was a downward path going away from God. The wounded are the ones that really want our help. Are we concerned enough to help them? The devil wants to tear everyone down, but Jesus can life them up. The path he was on was a dangerous path. It was a narrow path, and that made it easy for robbers to rob people and to hurt them. The thieves could conceal and camouflage themselves so that they could attack the traveler. We are on a narrow path that is saved and the devil is camouflaging himself in the path trying to attack us. That is why we have to be careful with what we let in our house. We need to be careful with what our children watch and listen to and look at. We need to warn other and help them. This path was also a degrading path. We wonder why people are degrading and look like they do is because they are sinners. Our problem is we get too busy and don’t help those that need help in their lives. We look down on the sinner because of their appearance. We have the answer that the sinner needs. They need someone to care and to have compassion on them. The priest (religion) cannot deliver a sinner and they cannot help a sinner. The Levi (law) only looks down and says what bad shape we are in. The law cannot deliver a sinner either. The Good Samaritan (Jesus) had compassion on this man. He is the one that can deliver a sinner. If we are going to be like Jesus we have to care and have compassion and come to where they are. To help someone we may have to get dirty. It may cost us some things to help someone. It may cost us some money to show someone compassion. But in the end it will be worth it because we’ll be doing what God wants us to do. Missions is not just about crossing the sea and going to some foreign field, but it is about seeing the cross. Every Christian should be a missionary and every sinner is a mission field.

Tomorrow night will end our Missions Conference but we are still looking forward to what God has for us tomorrow night and we are looking for God to help us through the preaching of the Word of God.