October 07, 2015

What a great Missions Conference we have had this week. We heard some really great messages this week, and we are thankful for all that God has done for us this week through the preaching of His Word.

Bro. Randy Sutherland preached out of Philippians 4:13-20 on “Paul’s Promise to the Philippians.” The promise was given to the Philippians church that if they were involved in missions, God would supply their every need. God kept a record of all that they had done and had given to help in missions and in helping others. If we’re not giving to missions, we cannot claim verse 18. We do not have to pray about giving, but we do have to pray about how much to give. The Philippians people were thankful because was supplying their every need and they got to watch God supply their needs. God will bless us when we give. If we give, we will be able to see God supply our every need. We will never be more like Jesus than when we are sacrificial in our lives and in our giving. There has to be a personal relationship with God according to verse 18 “My God…” God is concerned about us. He cares for us and will take care of us. If we are saved, we belong to God and He takes care of His children. If we have God, we have everything that we will never need in this life. If we need it, god will supply if we have been giving. God knows what our need is, and will supply that need when we need it. God will give us what we need when we need it. Give and God will supply. The promise that God gave to the Philippians that day will still work today.

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