Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We had a great service tonight. Pastor preached out of Acts 1:8 on “God Enables the Church.” God enables the church through the promises He makes to the church. His promise was a consoling promise. After salvation we have someone who comes and lives inside of us called the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit’s number one job is to witness. We may not have anyone else around us, but we’ll never alone as the Holy Spirit is in us. It is a consistent promise. Holy Spirit came to their aid. He’s going to help us get it all done that we need to do for Him. He’s consistent to be there even if we aren’t consistent. When we’re not right with God, He’ll aid us and tell us we need to listen to the Word of God and/or the man of God. Secondly it’s with the pattern of who He helps. The Message is about Him. The word witness in this verse means a martyr. We today in America we do not have to die for the cause of Christ. God just wants someone to live for Him. As we witness if we are unsure of what to say, just say what we know and what we’ve seen in our lives and in the lives of others. God equips us to do the job He has for us. Inside of us we have the perfect cure for sin. We should do our best to tell others about the perfect cure for sin. Lastly God enables the church through the places He wants the church to help. He was us to help in our Jerusalem, our Judaea, and our Samaria and to the uttermost part of the earth. Our job is to reach all of mankind with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We not only give money to missionaries, but God has allowed us to print the Gospel and send it to the uttermost parts of the earth. God just allowed us to send 25,000 John/Romans to the Philippines, a country that is 78% Catholic. God has enabled us to be a witness. Are we being the witness the we need to be and should be for Him?

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