Sunday, October 18, 2015

What a great day we had today in the Lord’s house. We had 14 kids on the church bus this morning and 1 returned tonight for tonight’s service. We are so thankful they were all able to be with us today in the services.

This morning our Sunday school lesson was on Jehoshaphat and how he sought after the Lord God as his father Asa did. In life we all seek after something whether it be possessions, money, fame, friendship, careers, or after the things of God. It is our choice in what we seek after, but as a Christian God wants us to seek after Him every day of our lives. When we seek after Him we will have the blessings of the Lord on our life and we will be drawing closer to the Lord. When we draw closer to the Lord, the Lord will draw closer to us. If we quit seeking the Lord we will either keep company with the wrong crowd or fall into sin. Jehoshaphat quit seeking the Lord and therefore he got in with the wrong crowd. When we quit seeking God we are only going downward and away from God. We need to seek God daily in our lives by reading the Word of God, and praying, and coming to church every time the door is opened. Are you seeking after God?

This morning Pastor preached out of Matthew 8:28-34 on “Don’t Mess with my Hogs.” They wanted Jesus to depart from their cost because they loved their hogs more than they loved people. When the lives of others men mean less to us than our dogs we love. Our things we want or care about means more than others lives. We care more for our hogs than people. When we don’t want to go Soul-Winning we are saying that lives don’t matter to us. Hogs won’t live forever, they will die one day, but the souls of men will live forever either in Heaven or Hell. The very thing that is destroying us, we are just letting it go and not doing anything about it. We have gotten so full of ourselves. We get so satisfied with our hogs and what we have than we care about others. When the work of God is not appreciated any more is when we don’t want anyone messing with our hogs. They were more upset about their hogs being destroyed than the two men getting help from the Lord. When we love our hogs more than anything else, we quit appreciating what God does in others lives and in our own lives personally. They would rather have their devils, and Jesus could keep His God. We want what we want more than what God wants. How long did you pray this week? Are you burdened for others? We can tell what is wrong with others, but did we pray for them this week? Our young people are looking to the world because we are parents have traded God for our hogs. Thirdly, we love our hogs more when money takes the preeminence. Our priorities are in the wrong place. We cannot afford not to give to the Lord in our tithes and offerings. We’ve forgotten that what we have is all because of God. If we get hogs in view it will override all that we have believed. Lastly, we love hogs more when we are not concerned or we don’t care how it will affect our life. Send Jesus away? When we reject Jesus, what are you going to do? Are we going to go our whole life to church and reject God? What life do you want to live? Christian, have you gotten too interested in your hogs? Are you more interested in keeping your hogs than you are in getting saved? How important are your hogs to you?

Tonight Pastor preached on “What is Judgment” out of Matthew 7:1-6. The first thing we see is the command not to judge. We do not need to make rash judgments. A rash judgment comes from somebody that is made and it is always an unjust judgment. Secondly we see the challenge of judging. We must consider ourselves. Those quick to judge are throwing a flare so that others will leave them and their sin alone and not judge them. We have to be willing to accept ourselves and we need to judge accordingly. Also we see the consideration of judgment. We do not need to be one eyed in our judgment. It is a lot harder to see with one eye. Our beam can help build instead of batter. Pulling out our beam can help others with the beams in their own eye. Consider the beam and pull it out. Get rid of it so that we can be of help to others with their mote. We should pull our beam out so we can help pull the mote out of someone else’s eye. When we get done judging ourselves we can go and help someone else. Lastly, we see the character of judging. Dogs only ate the unclean things. They hate any admonishment and reproof that is given to them. They hurt the people that try to help them by their words or their deeds. A person that is spiritual will judge someone and not hurt them in the process. How is your judging?