Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We should all be thankful for the privilege we have to come to church and to be able to hear the Word of God preached. We heard a great message tonight.

Tonight Pastor preached out of Proverbs 29:18; Revelation 3:18; and James 1:22-25 on “There must be a Word from the Lord.” There must be a responsibility personally. It must start personally. We get so involved with the word of God we forget us. We won’t have a vision until we look at ourselves first. We don’t stay right with God and we’ll forget about the other countries of the world. There is also the responsibility of our family. If Daddy loses his vision the kids will lose their vision too. Daddy’s need to have their eyes cleaned out about their family and their kids’ spiritual condition. Our problems all start with us. Daddy, your eyes need to stay open because you have kids to raise. Are you bothered about your kids’ spirituality? Our eyes get dim and the Word of the Lord isn’t important to us, and the work of God grows dim. Thirdly there is the responsibility in the church. We just cannot quit on God. If we quit, we will cause others to stumble or we’ll cause others to quit. Will people have to crawl over us to serve God? They will have to if we quit on God and if we do not keep our eyes cleaned out. Are we a stumbling block to others in the church? Lastly there is the responsibility to the world. We ought to want the world to see like we see. Somebody in China needs to have the Gospel preached to them. We need to keep ourselves right because we have others to reach. The Word won’t get out until we get help and we get right.