Sunday, October 25, 2015

What a great day we had in the Lord’s house today. We had 12 on the bus with 1 new one riding this morning. What a blessing.

This morning for Sunday school we looked at the life of Abraham some and looked at how he was known as the friend of God. Abraham was called the friend of God because of his faith in God, his obedience in God and his love towards God. For there to be a good friendship we must love at all times, be willing to lay down our lives for our friend, and to stick closer than a brother. We should love God at all times even when He doesn’t do what we feel should be done. Even when we go through hard times we should still love God. Are we will to lay down our life for Christ? No we do not have to do that right now, but there may come a time in our lives that we must make the choice. Do we love God enough to be willing to lay down our life for Him? He did it for us. Also do we stick to God closer than to our brother? Do we have a constant daily relationship/friendship with the Lord? Do we talk to the Lord on a daily basis? God wants us to be His friend and He wants to be our best friend. We should talk to the Lord about everything. For God to be our best friend we have to spend time with Him every day of our lives reading our Bible and praying. Is God your best friend? God is always our friend and will never leave us nor forsake us. We should be the same way about the Lord.

This morning Pastor preached out of Luke 18:18-30 and 1 Timothy 4:8 on “Having the best of both Worlds.” There is a question that must be asked. The question must be answered to have the best in this world and the world to come when you die. This is a question we must ask ourselves. Also there is a person that we must see. The person we must see if ourselves. He realized that day he was missing one thing in his life. Jesus let him realize who he was and that he was missing Jesus Christ in his life. Before we can be saved we must look at ourselves and look at who we really are and that we are missing something in our lives. We determine our own eternity. It’s our choice. Thirdly there is a miracle that must take place in our life. There has to be a change in our life. God must be the One that changes you. The young man asked the question but did not like the answer he was given. He wasn’t willing to change his lifestyle and confess his sins to God. That is what is wrong with people today. Lastly, there’s an investment that must be made. God’s not going to be left indebted to us. We give up a bunch of old boats, old nets and God gives us things that are must better than that. What we had in the past in nothing compared to what we have now and what we will one day have in heaven. We give Him nothing and He gives us the best of both worlds. If we are saved we do have the best of both worlds? Are you saved? Do you have the best of both worlds?

Tonight Pastor preached on “Breaking Generational Curses” out of Genesis 30:1-3, 23-24. Sin leaves marks on our lives. Yes we can have victory over the sin. God will not leave a sinner in the same condition they were in when they get saved. In Gen. 29:23 we see his granddaddy was a deceiver, a liar, conniving person, a cheater, and a crook. In Gen. 31:14,15 His mom was sold to his daddy. Joseph grew up in a house that was always fighting and arguing. His granddaddy started a dysfunctional family. In Gen. 31:19, 34, 35 we see his mom is a thief, a liar, and she couldn’t stay away from the gods of her father. What’s worse than this is God is attached to their name. In Gen. 34:1 we see his half sister was involved in illicitness. She got her eyes on the world. In Gen. 35:18 Joseph was not even 17 and his mom died. His days were few and full of trouble. In Gen. 37:2, 4 we see that he was hated by his brothers. He didn’t have a momma that prayed for him. They stripped him of his coat of many colors, sold him, and gave his garment to his dad and made him believe that Joseph was dead. It’s no surprise his bother acted the way they did to him because of the way they were raised. They wanted to kill him. Joseph went from a son to a piece of merchandise. What made the difference in Joseph’s life is found in Gen. 39:1-2. The LORD was with him. He never lost the Lord. That kept him from committing suicide or doing something he shouldn’t do. What helped Joseph was that he got close to the Lord. We do not have to stay the way we are. Joseph was a Christian everywhere he went. In Gen. 39:3 others knew that the hand of the Lord was on his life. His testimony was real. Joseph realized he couldn’t do it, it was God. We can’t break the curse on our own, we have to have God. We will only make it by God. Joseph knew he didn’t have the answer but he knew God knew the answer. God knows the answer to all of life’s questions and the questions that man has. In Gen. 50:19-20 we can take our curse and use it for the glory of God. God used all of Joseph’s life for good. In the midst of his excuses he allowed God to work. Joseph had plenty of excuses to not doing anything for God and to keep up with the curse on his family, but he wanted the Lord more. In Gen. 49:22-24 we see that Joseph never stopped growing. He grew in the things of the Lord. He never got away from the God of o his daddy. Let God get a hold of our hands and let His hands overpower our hands. Let God’s hands rule our life. Joseph broke the curse and was a great man of God until he died. God can give us the power that is needed to break the curses. We have to realize we cannot do it on our own and we have to have God. We have to have a relationship with God.