Wednesday, October 28, 2015

We had a great service tonight.

Pastor preached out of 1 Timothy 1:1-11 on “The Marks of an Outlaw.” In this portion of scripture Timothy wanted to run, but Paul exhorted him to stay and help the church at Ephesus to keep the outlaws from influencing those that were saved and trying to live for God. An outlaw is something who doesn’t care about the law. They only care about what they want in life. A righteous man, the law becomes his friend; they desire to abide by the law. The first mark of an outlaw is they are always looking for something different. They are looking for a new doctrine, or a different way. They are always looking for a better way, a better way to fill up the church or a better Bible than the KJV. We have so many different churches today because they want new doctrine. Another way is that they are always questions and tearing down the Word of God. They question our motives and our ways. The devil has always been the author of confusion. They question and tear down the Word of God not because they want to learn but because they want to change something and cause confusion. Thirdly they always want to know something no one else knows. They try to make a new law out of the Word of God that’s not true. They twist the Word of God to make it say what they want it to say. They never see it the way that it is written in the Word of God. They want to be the original teacher. They want to be the first one to come up with some new doctrine that did not come from the Word of God. Lastly they condone and accept the lifestyle of sin at the expense of those living right. They sit there and hug the whoremonger but they will not hug and encourage a young person that desires to live for God. The commentary of an outlaw is they care for the heathen and they hurt the caring. They are wolves in sheep clothing.

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