Sunday, November 01, 2015

What a tremendous day we have had in the Lord’s house today. We had 20 to ride the bus this morning with 3 new ones. That was a total blessing. Then in tonight’s service we had one to get saved. Amen, what a huge blessing. Andrew Young (Pastor’s fourth child) realized tonight that he wasn’t saved and got gloriously saved tonight. Welcome to the family of God Bro. Andrew Young.

This morning for Sunday school we looked at the life of Elijah and what a great man of God he was. He was allowed by God to perform 6 different miracles in the Bible. But if you look in the New Testament we see his greatest character trait and that was he prayed earnestly. Elijah was able to do all that he did for the Lord because he prayed earnestly or seriously. Prayer is very important and vital to a Christian. We can be saved and not have a prayer life but we will never amount to anything for God. We will be a person that just sits on the pew and warm it all of our life. Prayer is what cleanses us spiritually. It is where we tell God all of our faults and our failures and sins. If we are ever going to do anything for God we have got to have a prayer life. There has to be a relationship with God. We need to pray seriously and we need to take prayer seriously. We need to set aside time daily to pray and we need to get in that secret place of prayer. God so desires for us to talk with Him and Him with us. We didn’t finish this lesson this morning so we will finish it next week. How important is prayer to you?

This morning Pastor preached out of 2 Timothy 1:1-18 on “Some Things that Paul Knew.” Paul knew who he could trust. God is still real and He is still alive. God will always come out on top and He will always be right and He will always win. Paul believed God and knew he could trust God when times were good and even when times were bad. Paul also had confidence in God. He was confident in His ability. Our stock should be in the ability of God. Paul was a believer; he had seen God move and work. He knew God could do anything He wanted to do. God’s ability can allow us to do thing that we don’t believe we can do. God gives us the ability to do what we do. If we get away from our ability and rely on His ability there is no telling what God can do in our lives. Thirdly, Paul was also still committed to Him. There will be no losses or making up with God. If anything is of value out of our life it’s because of Him. He takes our life that is nothing and makes something out of it. Only God can do that. Lastly Paul knew there was a judgment day coming. Jesus is coming again, but we can make it. We can make it through all the hardships and trials we got through in this Christian life. Paul wasn’t going to trust in himself. We can make it but we have to trust in God and get His help.

Tonight, Pastor preached on “God has Made us Free” out of Galatians 5:1. When we get saved, we can do whatever we want. But, as a Christian we should not want to do those things that are contrary to God. We don’t deserve to live in sin any longer. The want too has been changed if we are saved. We should no longer want to live in sin. God has more to offer us than this world has to offer by a long shot. A person that is saved doesn’t’ desire to go back to what he was before he got saved. Think of how much it will hurt Jesus Christ if we were to go back into sin. We also don’t deserve to live away from the Word of God. It keeps us out of the muck and mire of this world. The Bible is our manual on how to live. The Bible will keep us from sin. It will help us fight again the devil and the world. The closer we get to God the more free we will feel. Sin will hinder us from reading the Word of God. The Bible will keep us from sin or sin will keep us from the Bible. We also don’t have the right to disobey the working of the Holy Ghost. We do not need to quench the Holy Spirit. If we don’t hear it, we won’t heed it. The Holy Spirit will direct us. God wants us to serve Him. Fourthly we don’t deserve to take God’s glory. When it’s time to testify and we don’t, we have just taken God’s glory. What we have is because God has given it to us. God has been so good to us and we don’t need to take away His glory that He is so deserving of. Also we don’t have a right to quit on God. There shouldn’t be any quit in us. No matter how hard it gets, we should keep going for God, we shouldn’t quit. We don’t need to give ourselves the option to quit on God because if we give ourselves that option we will end up quitting on God. Storms don’t last forever. They come and they go. If we have no quit in us, we will just hold on through the storm until it ends. Lastly the only right we have is to do what is right. No one has ever arrived and been as spiritual as we should be. We have the right to serve God and whatever He wants to do, we should do it. We should desire to do God’s will for our lives. We should let God lead us and we should be willing to do whatever He wants us to do. We should do what is right. God deserves for us to live a life that is pleasing to Him and doing what is right and living for Him.