Wednesday, October 4, 2015

Pastor preached a really good message tonight. He preached out of Joel 2:12-13 and Joshua 14:1-15 on “Commitment.” Everything in the Christian life should have commitment attached to it. People today are committed as long as everything is going good and fine. People don’t think commitment is very important any more, but it’s just as important today as it was back in the beginning in Gen. 1:1. A person without commitment only cares about themselves. Commitment exceeds position. Caleb was committed at any expense and any position. He respected the authority in his life. Caleb kept his perspective in view and make sure it was right and his position was right. Caleb stayed committed because he wanted the land that God had promised him. Commitment also exceeds circumstances. Caleb’s whole mind set was all about what God wanted for his life. His commitment never changed no matter what happened in his life. He didn’t let the years of wandering change him and his commitment. His circumstances were not the ideal circumstances but he never let his circumstances change his commitment. Commitment also exceeds expectations. God kept him alive because of his committed life and because He was going to fulfill His promise to Caleb about giving him the mountain he wanted. He was committed for 45 years to the Lord. He reaped blessings that a lot of others did not get to reap. We sometimes may want the mountain, but it may be 45 years before we get it; just like it took Caleb 45 years to get his mountain. But, Caleb never forgot it and never lost sight of that mountain. Caleb’s children were able to enjoy his inheritance more than he did. Lastly, commitment exceeds the world’s wages. The benefits he received were not just for himself, but for his kids and his grandkids. Caleb was committed to finishing right. In order to finish right we have to be involved in everything that is right. Churches today are not as strong as they need to because families are not committed. Yes it is hard to stay committed but the end wages are worth it.

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