Sunday, October 08, 2015

What a great day we had in the Lord’s house today. The Lord brought in several visitors today and a few first time visitors. The Lord allowed us to have 15 kids on the bus with 2 of them being new.

This morning for Sunday school we finished out lesson on Elijah and how he was a man of earnest or sincere prayer. We looked at Jesus and how He was the best teacher in the world and He was the best teacher to teach someone how to pray. So we looked at the model prayer and learned how or what we should pray for according to the model prayer. No, we should not pray the model prayer word for word, but we should follow the example of the Lord’s Prayer so that we can learn better how we should pray. If we are ever going to do anything for the Lord we are going to have to spend time reading the Word of God and spend time in prayer. Prayer is very important to the Christian if he ever wants to be or do anything for the Lord. Without prayer we will not grow spiritually. Sometimes we pray for things that get answered right away but then there are things that God allows us to pray for a period of time. Because of Elijah’s prayer life he was able to perform and do many things for the Lord. If we will spend time in prayer and make it sincere there is no telling what God can do with our lives and with our prayers.

This morning Pastor preached out of Luke 16:19-31 on “A Place That Doesn’t Sound like a Party House to Me.” Hell is no party and will never be a party place. When the rich man opened his eyes in Hell it was an instant disappointment. Hell was not what he was expected it to be like. On earth the rich man could get anything he wanted and his answer was always yes I can; but in Hell he could not have anything he wanted because everything was a “no” in Hell. First thing he saw in hell was a preacher. Also Hell was an instant desperation. He wanted mercy as soon as he opened his eyes. He didn’t ask how to get to the bar, or the whore house, or his girlfriends, or his business deals. The first thing he said in Hell was “have mercy.” The rich man wanted just a drop of water on his tongue to cool his tongue from the torment he was in from the flames of Hell. Hell made a rich man become a beggar. Thirdly, Hell was an instant dwelling place. There is no exit sign, no exit place, or no way out. It was his new home for all of eternity. Will Hell have to enlarge itself for you sinner? A lost person may not believe there is a God or a Hell, but after 2 seconds in Hell, he will be a believer. In Hell there is forever separation between the lost man and God. He never got to drink any more water. No relief will be found in Hell. Lastly, for the beggar there was instant delight when he opened his eyes. The beggar had a hard life and no one cared for him; but he had a relationship with God. Jesus is the only exit from Hell, but the exit has to be entered before death happen to your life. There was a delight in his soul because he knew Heaven was waiting for him on the other side. He was comforted when he got to heaven. The beggar got the instant delight and satisfaction that he was a real Christian. My friend, if you died today, where would you spend eternity? Hell is no laughing matter and it is a real place. Please do not put off your salvation any longer. Today is the day of salvation, don’t keep putting it off. My friend if you are saved, how is your burden for the lost? Do you have a burden?

Tonight Pastor preached on “Why God Can’t Find a Man” out of Ezekiel 22:1-31. God needs leading men, not led men. God wanted somebody that was not like the rest of the crowd. God couldn’t find any man because they were given to idols. An idol is anything we put in the place where God should be. The church is just as strong as the men in the church. Idols will detour us and take us away from God’s plan for our lives. The idols took the place of what they should have been doing for God. Also they had a wrong attitude towards their parents. If we want to be used by God, we need to learn to be obedient to our parents. We have to honor our mom and dads. God cannot use us if we do not honor and obey our parents. Thirdly, they despised the holy things of God. They didn’t care about the holy things of God. If we’re saved we will want to live a holy life before God. Our body is holy and therefore we should not profane it by marking it up or piercing on bodies. Because they despised the holy things of God they had uncommitted worship and the day of the Lord meant nothing to them. Also they were given over to lust. Adultery and incest was running rampant in the land and they didn’t care. Shacking up is still wrong; adultery is still wrong; fornication is still wrong; sodomy is still wrong. A saved person will get right with God when he finds out he has been living in sin. Sexual sins were no big deal to them. They didn’t care about what they were doing. Lastly, they were greedy. They didn’t care what they did to get what they did. They would steal from anybody just to get what they had. The greed was they had to have it. The words greed and crooks should never be named in the house of God. We need some men with character, women with character, and young married couples with character. Everybody has a reason we can’t. But with God we can do anything. We can do whatever God want us to do with our lives. We need to love God so much we want to stand for Him and with the man of God. Will God find you as a man? A man He could use? A man who would be willing to stand in the gap?

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