Wednesday, October 11, 2015

We had a really good service tonight. Pastor preached on “How to Tell Somebody How to Be Saved”. He used several different passages of scripture for his sermon tonight. It should never be that a born again believer gets saved 10 times. Romans 3:23 – The first thing a person must realize to be saved is that they are a sinner. We are all sinner and we were born sinners. Romans 5:8 – God loves us and He loves us despite who we are and what we have done and are doing and will do. Romans 6:23 – The payment of sin is death (eternal separation from God), but the gift of God is eternal life. A gift is something you give that you don’t get back. God’s gift of salvation is there and will be there till the day we die. Romans 10:8-13, 17 – The heart is deal with in salvation. When the heart changes, the mouth will change too. Salvation is us being tired of ourselves and saying we need God. Romans 7:18-23 – We need to nail down our salvation. The Word of God will always deal with the heart of mankind. When we try to do good, the devil will be present and he’ll try to cause confusion and send evil our way. Paul was trying to do good, but evil was present every time. There will be a fight every day of our life as to who is going to be on the throne of our heart. Whoever you feed the most will be the one that will be on the throne of your heart. It will either be your spiritual man or your flesh. We all have struggles, but we have someone on the inside to help us and deliver us from the struggles we face. John 10:27-30. Salvation is not based on what we did, but on what He did. It is a gift. When we get saved we are in God’s hand and nothing and no one can ever pluck us out of His hands. We are there for all of eternity. When the devil comes to make you doubt, stop and go back to the foundation. God back to where you got saved. Go back to Romans 3:23 and work your way through it all again. The plan of salvation is necessary because it is the difference between a person going to heaven or hell. Are you saved? Have you ever accepted the free gift of salvation? Has the blood ever been applied to your life?

Please be in prayer for our Pastor, Bro. Michael Sales, Sis. Michaela Sales, and Sis. Katy Sales as they are flying out Friday to take a missions trip to Mexico. Pray for safe traveling and that they will come back different than when they left. Pray that they will be a blessing and a help to the ministry there in Mexico. We will surely miss them while they are gone and will be glad when they return.

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