Sunday, November 15, 2015

We had a very good day in the Lord’s house today. We did miss our Pastor though and will be glad when he returns. But we are praying for him, Bro. Michael, Sis. Michaela, and Sis. Katy as they are away in Mexico that God will use them and that they would be a blessing and a help to the ministry there in Mexico. The Lord allowed us to pick up 12 kids this morning on the bus. What a blessing.

For Sunday school we looked at Malachi and how he was a prophet to the children of Israel and was telling them that God still loved them. Even though they had despised God, polluted the things of God, wearied God, robbed God and turned away from God; God still loved them. God’s love is so unconditional. You would think after all that the children of Israel did God wouldn’t love them anymore, but God still loved the children of Israel. No matter what the children of Israel did God still loved them. God’s love has never changed; it has always been the same. No matter what we do, God will always love us. No that does not give us the right to do whatever we want with our life and to do whatever sin we want too. But God’s love will always be the same and it will never change. We need to realize just how much God loves us and we should love Him back. And we should also tell others about God’s love. When we share God’s love, it multiplies. We ought to pray for others and tell others about God’s love. God loves you and He does not want to see you go to Hell.

This morning Dr. Young preached for us. He preached out of 1 Kings 14:1-9, 12 on “For He Could Not See.” Jeroboam could not see what he had in the Lord. Spiritual blindness brings about confusion. The power of God can change our life and give us joy unspeakable and full of glory. People are not afraid of the judgment of God anymore. They laugh at the judgment of God and do not take it seriously. People do not believe that God will bring the house down on their life. They do whatever they want to do. We cannot live without God. We can exist but we won’t be truly living. Have you been so blinded spiritually you don’t believe in personal evangelism any longer? There is no longer a burden in your heart. Spiritual blindness will cause you to doubt your salvation. If you continue in blindness you turn your back on God and the things of God. Spiritual blindness will destroy you and your family. Our problem is we cannot see what sin will do to our lives. Look in the Bible, and you can see the examples of Lot and David. But then you can look at Zaccheaus, and you see that he couldn’t see, but he climbed a tree so that he could see God. He knew he had a need and he knew he was blind. He was willing to recognize his sin and get things made right. The choice is ours to make. We can either stay spiritually blinded or we can ask God to open our eyes and take away our spiritual blindness. How is your eyesight today? Are you blind spiritually, or do you have 20/20 vision?

Tonight Bro. Darrel Weaver preached for us. He preached out of Matthew 25:1-13 on “5 Virgins That Went To Hell.” 5 good girls died and went to Hell. They knew their vessel was empty. They were virgins, but their vessel was empty. They wanted to borrow someone else’s oil. Some things in life cannot be borrowed. We cannot borrow someone else’s’ salvation, or victories. They were cleaned but not cleansed. They were pure in their own eyes and in the eyes of others, but they were not washed in the blood of Jesus. The danger of being dirty is found in Romans 1:24 and Revelation 22:11. If you choose to remain dirty you are rejected the blood of Jesus and you’ll always be dirty for all of eternity. They lived as good as any godly person and still went to Hell. They had a profession but no possession. What good is a lamp with no light? These girls had a lamp but had no light. There was no substance to their life to give any light. They were empty on the inside. They had no life, no power and no witness. Also, they had religion but no relationship. No religion on earth will save you. It takes a new birth for you to be saved. They played a game, but there was no change in their life. Fourthly they had words but no worship. A lot of people try to sweet talk God, but that doesn’t work and will never work. Your words should back up your walk. There should be a tenderness in our heart. We should worship every day of our lives, not just on Sunday. They had the right words, but they didn’t have Jesus on the inside. They also had good looks but not the Good Book. They had a good appearance on the outside, but the Word of God was not on the inside in their heart. Are you in love with the Word of God? How much time do you spend with the Word of God? How much does the Word of God mean to you? Your Christian life will never rise above your love for the Word of God and the time you spend in the Word of God. Lastly, they had a church life but no Christ life. They got to church and it’s just a social life for them. They had no Christ life in their heart. How is your life? Are you going to be a good person that dies and goes to Hell like these 5 virgins did? Don’t waste your life.