Wednesday, November 11, 2015

We had another good service tonight. Bro. Stephen Weaver preached for us tonight in the absence of our Pastor while he is in Mexico. He preached out of Ephesians 2:1-22 on “I Have A Hope.” When we were without Christ and in sin and in the world we had no hope. We were dead in our sins and trespasses. When He saves us He makes us alive. A person not saved has no appetite for the Word of God and the things of God. A lost person is deceived by the devil. They are disobedient to their parents, those in authority, to the Word of God, and to the messages being preached by the man of God. They are defiant, they are going to do their own thing, they could care less what the Word of God says and what the man of God says when he preaches. They are also destined to Hell. But for those of us that are saved we have a hope. Before salvation we had no hope, but after salvation we have hope. We have hope in who God is. He is rich in mercy. He has a bountiful supply of mercy. We deserve Hell, but His mercy saved us. His love exceeds all other loves in this world. His grace is sufficient for us and He gives us His grace though we don’t deserve it. Also we have hope in what God has done for us. He will raise us up out of the place we used to be before we got saved. He raised us up out of the miry clay and set our feet on a solid rock and gave us a song in our heart and praise on our lips. Lastly we have hope in what God can do. It’s not what we can do or what we can merit; but it’s about what God can do for us. He saved us by His blood and He cleansed us of our sins. He gives us a peace, a peace that only God can give, and it’s a peace that passes all understanding. We also have access to God through prayer. There will be a desire to pray and spend time with God. He can reconcile us to God through his blood. He can make a new man out of us. He can give us a new foundation we can build upon. It’s built on God and the things of God. It is a sure foundation. Do you have hope? If you are in Christ and saved you have a hope.

Pastor, Bro. Michael Sales, Sis. Michaela Sales, and Sis. Katy Sales will be flying home tomorrow from Mexico. Pray that they will have a safe flight home tomorrow.

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