Wednesday, October 25, 2016

What a wonderful time we had tonight in the Lord’s house.  We had Bro. Stacey Shiflett with us this evening and he preached for us.  He preached out of Psalm 135:1-7 on “A Wind Out Of His Treasuries.”  Man cannot duplicate a wind from the third heaven (the heaven where God abides).  There is treasure in the wind from the third heaven.  God is in control of all things.  In Gen. 7:18-18:1 we see the wind will produce help for the helpless.  They were lonely, and they had to live each day by faith.  They did not know what the next step in their life was going to be.  They just knew they were on a boat and was there to stay until God got them out of the boat.  They were helpless in the boat.  They heard the wind blowing and knew God was moving and fixing to do something for them.  God will bring us help when we need it.  When we feel like He has forgotten us and we are all alone, He will send us the help that we need with His wind from the third heaven.  God can move and change the circumstances in our life.  In Ex. 14:21 His wind will produce a defense for the defenseless.  He made a way for them when they were defenseless.  God will bring us through when we cannot do anything.  God will fight for us when we can’t fight.  If we are where we are suppose to be in God will, we should let God fight for us because He can win the battle every time.  It’s hard to not fight when you’re a fighter, but sometimes it’s best to let God fight our battles.  In Jonah 1:3-4 His wind will produce care in the careless.  This treasure comes in the wind of rebuke.  Jonah headed away from the presence of the Lord.  Sometimes God has to put us in a place of suffocation to get us to a place of supplication.  God knows how to make the careless to start caring again.  In Ezek. 37:2-10 His will wind will bring life to the lifeless.  We need to pray that God would bring life to the lifeless.  Only God can bring life into something that is dead and dry.  People that are ready to quit and give up, God can bring them back to life again.  God can give them the strength and the wind that they need to keep going for Him.  Lastly in Acts 2 His wind can produce power in the powerless.  We have to have the power of God to get the job done.  We’ll have the power to do the things that we didn’t think we could do.  We need the power of God to do the work of God in 2015 and 2016 and every year after that.  Has the wind from the third heaven ever blown in your life?  If it has, you will know it. Wind from the third heaven cannot be duplicated by man.


After service tonight we had our Thanksgiving supper.  We had a great time with a lot of great food. The fellowship hall was packed with people that stayed to eat with us.  We were delighted they stayed and ate with us.  Looking forward to Sunday and what the Lord has for us.


Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!  Be thankful tomorrow.  Take the time to think and be thankful.

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