Sunday, November 29, 2015

What a tremendous day we had in the Lord house today. We heard some really great messages today. God blessed on the bus ministry today. We had 17 on the bus with 1 of them being a first time rider this morning. It’s always a blessing to see the bus kids come Sunday after Sunday and then see some new ones come in on the bus.

This morning for Sunday school we finish our lesson Moses on how we have to make a choice. We have to choose whether we are going to serve God or serve the Devil. We cannot serve both at the same time. It will be one or the other. We are either going to love God, or we are going to love the Devil. It’s easy to say we are going to live for God and to serve God, but somewhere along life’s road it gets hard to live what we have said. But if we will stay in the Word of God and pray and listen to the man of God preach it will be easier for us to live for God. Why? Because God will give us the strength and help that we need to live for Him and to serve Him. If we obey our parents and love them and cherish them and honor them and not get rebellious, it will be easier to love and cherish and honor and obey God. When we become rebellious to our parents we in turn will become rebellious to God. Moses chose to live for God and serve Him and he was able to see a lot of miracles in his life. If we would just serve God and live for Him there is no telling what we will see and what God will do with our lives. The choice is ours to make, what will it be? Who are you going to serve God or the Devil?

This morning Pastor preached on “How To Waste Your Life” out of Luke 22:1-6. Judas was so tangled up with religion that he never realized he needed God in his life. Knowledge is not enough, his position was not enough, ritual was not enough, and experiences are not enough. Nothing we have or know is good enough to get us into heaven. Only by accepting Jesus into our heart can we enter into heaven. We will waste our life if we go our own way. Judas went the way he wanted to go. He didn’t care who saw him. He chose his way over the way of Jesus Christ. When Satan is in control of our life, we will go our own way. Secondly, we waste our life by going to a church that believes the way you have been living. You’ll go to church where they do and believe the way you do. You are either controlled by God or Satan, one or the other. Church will accept the way you are living and will work with you and see nothing wrong with it. Judas had no personal relationship with God. Also you will be glad for the wrong reason. They were glad Jesus was about to be crucified. They were glad they were going to murder someone who was innocent. They got what they wanted or so they thought. Fourthly, when money becomes more important to you, you waste your life. He sold God out for a few pieces of silver. He sold his soul and his family out just for some money. Money is bad when it’s all about you getting the money and not God. Lastly you waste your life by wasting time while Jesus is talking. Jesus talked and he didn’t listen to a word He was saying. He Message is what makes the difference in your life. He thought of everything else while Jesus talked. Jesus spoke the greatest words ever spoken on earth but Judas ignored them. Judas was not comfortable where Jesus was. Judas got what he thought he wanted. He got what he wanted and realized he had wasted his life. He found out it wasn’t any good. No one was at his funeral because he lived for himself. He influenced no one with his life. Waste your life and you’ll repent at the end but it will be too late. Just like it was too late for Judas.

Tonight Pastor preached out of Col. 4:13-14, Philemon 22-25, 2 Tim. 4:9-13, 16 on “Will God Have To Replace You?” Demas went from being a fellow helper to totally quitting on the Lord in two years. Somewhere in those two years he quit on God. When he quit on God there was a great void that was left. You will be replaced because there is no future perspective in your life. The people Demas influence for God he no longer cared about them anymore. We should be an encouragement to one another. Demas didn’t think about those that were around him when he quit on God. God wants to use us. We may not be a whole lot but it’s better than nothing when it comes to helping others. It doesn’t take a great Christian to help and encourage others. The people Demas would influence for God, he didn’t care about. How many more people could have been influenced by the life of Demas? We do not have to quit when we fall and fail. Secondly God had to replace Demas because had no fear of his feeble position. He never though he could fall. If God doesn’t help us, we won’t be here in the near future. We will become a Demas and quit on God. Demas had no idea he would fall. Paul never thought he would fall. Wonder if Demas ever asked the Apostle Paul to pray for him because he was struggling? We should ask others to pray for us when we are struggling. Lastly there was no final perspective in view of his future. 2 John 1:8; Heb. 11:26 and 2 Cor. 5:10. He forgot in the future he was going to have to stand before God. The excuses that are given for the reason they quit are pretty dumb and stupid. What would you have missed if you had quit on God in your teens or early saved life? God has a job for us to do. God wants you to be faithful. Be faithful and no one else will have to replace you. Will God have to replace you? When you quit on God, nothing else will be said about you because there will be nothing to say. Don’t be a Demas and don’t ever quit on God.

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