Wednesday, December 02, 2015

We had a great service tonight. Pastor preached out of Daniel 3:8-18 on “Standing Alone.” These men stood alone that day. They didn’t have anyone else standing with them. They didn’t have their parents, or their pastor, or their Sunday school teaching standing with them. Sometimes in live we will have to stand alone for our doctrines. The reason they were able to stand alone for their doctrine is because it was in their heart. They learned somewhere in their life who God was. They learned that the Lord was God, not Alla or Buddah or Mary. We have to take a stand on who God is. The Muslims and other religions are trying to force their god on us in America, but we need to take a stand and let people know that the only true God is the Lord Jesus Christ. We also will have to take a stand on eternal security. We can never lose our salvation no matter what we do in life as long as we are saved. Yes there will be consequences for our sins, but God will not disown us for what we have done. He loves us and saved us for all of eternity. We will also have to stand for repentance. There will be repentance in order to get saved, and after salvation there will be repentance in a Christian’s life. Too many people today are getting saved 14 dozen times when they really don’t need to get saved. They just need to repent of sin that is in their life, but they are too proud to stand up and repent. It’s easier to make another profession again. Standing alone will be required for separation. We need to separate from the government. Prayer was taken out of the schools because it was allowed. No one took a stand to keep prayer in the schools. We also need to stand and vote for what is right. We have to stand against the world’s music and not let the world’s music come into our churches. Our dress standard is another area where we will have to stand alone. Not many today want to have Godly, Biblical dress standards. They want to dress like the world, but we are supposed to be different and dress Godly and modestly. Lastly we will have to stand alone for the right Bible. The KJV has it all. It doesn’t omit verses or words like all of the other versions do that are out there today. Don’t listen to anyone who tries to get you to change and use another version of the Bible. The three Hebrew children didn’t know a lot, but they stood alone for what they knew and believed. The world doesn’t see enough Christians today because we aren’t willing to stand up for what we believe. Stand and God will help us and He will be seen in our lives. Are you willing to stand up for what you believe? It’s time we as Christians take a stand for what is right. Stand for what is right even if you have to stand alone. God will honor you for standing for Him.