Sunday, December 13, 2015

We had a good time in the Lord’s house today. The Lord helped us today and we are thankful for His help.

This morning our Sunday school lesson was on Enoch and how we had the testimony or the character trait of walking with the God. He walked with God after he had his for son Methuselah. He walked with God for 300 years before God took him. As a Christian we need to have the testimony like of walking with God. If we never do anything spectacular in our eyes, if we are never a preacher or a pastor or a Sunday school teacher or a deacon; but if we are a layman and we have a daily walk with the Lord our life will be pleasing to God. God wants us to have a walk with Him. If we get ahead of God or if we get behind God we will not be able to hear the still small voice of God in our lives. Why can’t we? It’s because we are not walking with God. In order to hear the still small voice of God we have to walk with Him. Other people are watching us and if they see us walking with God in just may impact their life enough to where they desire to have a walk with God. Having a walk with God pleases God and it also leaves a great testimony for others to live by. We walk with God when we pray and read our Bible and are obedient to what God wants us to do. When we are not reading our Bible and praying and obeying God we are not walking with God but behind God. Are you walking with God? How’s your relationship with God?

This morning Pastor preached out of John 1:29-37 on “Beholding The Lamb Of God.” The devil is trying to get us to lose our focus. The devil tries to discourage us and put negative thoughts in our hearts and mind because he wants us to lose focus on who God is. They were focused on what direction Jesus was going. We should walk with Jesus and go the direction that He is going. We should follow His walk. When we try to walk with God, the devil will try to keep us from walking with Him. There is still a fight to try to get us out of church and out of focus. We should walk with God so we can encourage others to walk with god. We have to get our eyes on God if we’re going to serve God and do anything for God. We will be a witness of Him when we walk with Him. We will be able to tell others all that God has done and is doing in our lives. One of the hardest and greatest problems is staying focused on God and who He is. How is your focus? Are you focused on God or on the things of this world? Don’t lose focus!!

In tonight’s service we had Bro. Paul Smith with us. Bro. Smith is a mission to the legislators that are at the Georgia capital. He tells churches what is happening in our state capital. He came to our church tonight to present his burden and to tell what happens and all that he does at the state capital. The reason America is like it is, is because the church has allowed America to go downhill. The problem is not in Washington, D.C., it’s in our churches. We do not need to just sit back and watch what happens in America and our state. We should know the names of those in authority at our state capital and we need to pray for them daily. Our house leaders want to hear from us so we should do our part and let our house leaders hear from us. We need to get out and vote it is our right and privilege to do so.

We have a busy week ahead of us this week. Tomorrow night is our Ladies Christmas supper. Then on Wednesday night we have our regular mid-week prayer service and then on Friday night we will be having our Church Christmas supper. It will be a busy week but a good week.