Sunday, December 20, 2015

We had a great day today in the Lord’s house. We had a great spirit and we heard some great messages today from our Pastor. We had 12 kids ride the bus this morning.

This morning for Sunday school we learned about Phinehas and how he was zealous about God and the things of God. We need to be like Phinehas and be zealous about the things of God. We should be zealous about the Word of God. The Word of God should be important to us and we should be excited about the Word of God because it is how God talks to us and where we get our direction in life from. We should also be zealous about the house of God. We should be excited about coming to the house of God. We should be desirous of coming to church every time the doors are opened and we are able to come. The house of God is where we can fellowship with believers; get encouragement and where we can get help from the preaching of God’s Word. We should also be zealous about telling others of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. If we get zealous about the things of God it will become contagious and others will see our zeal and just maybe they will also get zealous about the things of God. How zealous are you towards the things of God? Are you zealous about the things of God?

This morning’s message and tonight’s message are one message that was continued. We will finish the message at another time.

This morning’s message and tonight’s message was on “Having A Form Of Godliness” out of 2 Timothy 3:1-5. Today there are such troubles in the world. There are troublesome times in our nation, in our churches, in our schools, and in our local city. It is all around us. Our churches today are filled with people that have a form of godliness. They look like they are a Christian, but on the inside they are not. A person that has a form of godliness has no reaction to anything. We are not as real as we say we are because we aren’t willing to change. Perilous times are here when men are lovers of their own selves. It’s all about their intentions, what they want. They have their own will, their own way, and their own work. They do what they want to do, say what they want to say. They really just don’t care. Also people are full of covetousness. They have to have what others have. They want everything so they can be happy, but they don’t realize that things don’t bring true happiness. They have to have it no matter the cost. People today are corrupt because they are covetous, all they want is money. Thirdly people are boasters. They boast about what they have and how they are. Instead of boasting about ourselves we should be boasting about Who God is and what He has done for us. They will also be proud. We need about 90% of our pride to come out of us. People need to get right with God, but they won’t because of their pride. Our pride keeps us from letting people know that we have problems and we need help. We live for man and not God a lot of times because we are proud and we care more about what others think about us than what God thinks about us. We get so prideful we don’t need in our lives. The fifth way we know people have a form of godliness is they are blasphemers. They speak evil of others or they slander others. They run their mouth just to hurt other people. They don’t care about the damage and hurt they do to others. They blaspheme the name of God. They don’t care about God. God doesn’t mean anything to them. A person with a form of godliness will also be disobedient to their parents. They are not compliant with their parents. They don’t do what their parents tell them to do. A person that is raised to not respect authority will become a rebel and will not listen to the preacher in authority, and will ultimately not obey God and be a rebel to God. When a person bucks authority they are in trouble. The seventh thing is they are unthankful. We are so unthankful today in America that we have skipped over Thanksgiving. The Bible says we should give thanks in everything. If we love our own self we will become unthankful. If we surround ourselves with unthankful people we will become unthankful. They will also be unholy. Holiness is no important any more. Holy living is not important any more. People don’t care about trying to live a clean, pure, holy life any more for God. Also they will be without natural affection. It is unnatural to have an abortion or to bury a live baby, or for a man to love a man or a woman to love a woman. Those things are not natural. They will also be trucebreakers. They don’t care if they break a commitment to someone or not. They also will so discord among the brethren. A saved person will never sow discord among the brethren and if they do they will apologize and go on for God. They will also be false accusers. They will make stands to cover themselves up and what they are doing. They will start a fire somewhere else to keep people’s eyes off their lives and what they are doing that is wrong. They will ruin a persons’ character and reputation even if that person has worked years to obtain the character and reputation that they hold. The last point we looked at tonight was they were incontinent. They have no self-control. We should never allow ourselves to get out of control. As parents we shouldn’t get out of control when disciplining our children. If we have to beat our child then there is something wrong somewhere. We should control our temper. If we are hanging around people that have these traits we need to turn away from them. We should not be hanging around them. Don’t let this become your lifestyle. Pastor did not finish the message tonight, so keep reading the blog to see when he fill finish this message.

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