Sunday, December 27, 2015

What a great day we had in the Lord’s house today. We heard some really great messages today. We had 17 on the bus this morning. Praise the Lord for all that rode this morning.

This morning for Sunday school we looked at Naboth and how he would not sell his vineyard to King Ahab. He was right in not selling his inheritance to King Ahab. Because of his unwillingness to sell his vineyard he was killed by Queen Jezebel over false accusations again Naboth. For the lessons sake we changed the names of the people in the story to make an application. King Ahab was changed to the devil, Naboth was changed to Christians today, and his father’s inheritance was changed to our Heavenly Father’s inheritance. As Christians are Heavenly Father has given us so many things that should be precious to us that we should not sell. The Devil would love nothing more than to take things away from us. But if we hold up a not for sale sign we will not give in to the Devil and sell our inheritance from our heavenly Father. Some things we shouldn’t sell is our Bible, our Salvation, our testimony, our witness, our Pastor, our Sunday school teacher, our Parents, God, our purity, and our future home in heaven. The devil has counterfeits for each of these things so we need to be careful and not sell what we do have for something that the devil is offering us. What he offers us looks good but it isn’t worth anything and will only leave us disappointed. Don’t sell what God has given you.

This morning Pastor preached out of John 11:1-6; 34-37 on “It’s Alright.” Jesus waited so He could be on time. Things are going to be alright because God wants to get all the glory. This is a big problem with us today because we want to get the glory and not God. There are some things we believe God can do and there are some things He cannot do and fix. God wants to get the glory. God can do miracles and He can do anything and fix anything. God’s going to get the glory, we just can’t quit. Too many times we want to be the hero, but God doesn’t need any heroes. It’s going to be alright because its God’s timing. In our circumstances we begin to tell God what He can and cannot do. It was His time to go and work so He could get the glory. It isn’t our time, its God’s timing. God’s time is always on time every time. We do not need to get in the way of God’s timing. We have to trust Him and His timing. Thirdly it will be alright because God’s trying to develop our trust in Him. If we can’t trust Him, we won’t believe Him. By faith things got done in the Bible, and that’s how things will get done today. God wants us to trust Him. God wants to be able to say by faith (put your name there). Just trust God and there is no telling what God can do through our life and our circumstances. When we can’t trust anyone else, we can trust God. Things will be alright but we have to move the stone. We’ve rolled some stones between someone and God causing them not to come from death unto life. We need to get it out of the way so He can do something great. Things will be alright because God still answers prayer. Prayer is still being heard by God. We can’t fix our problems, only God can fix our problems. He just wants us to pray and ask Him for His help in fixing our problems and our circumstances. When we go through things in life we forget it’s going to be alright. God is in control of everything. If we have a heart filled desire to serve God and not living in sin, God will make sure everything is going to be alright. Not it may not get done our way, but it will get done his way and it’s going to be alright.

Tonight Pastor finished his sermon on “Having A Form Of Godliness” out of 2 Timothy 3:1-5. Incontinent also is defined by being without strength to resist passion. That goes as far as stealing and killing and child molestation and rapists. There is nothing God cannot deliver us from. If we say we can’t quit some kind of sin either we’re rebelling against the truth or we’re not saved. Fierce means rough, harsh, or cruel which is the opposite of love, joy, and peace which is part of the fruits of the spirit. Yes we will get mad and fierce but we can get God to help us and not lose our temper and something wrong because of our anger. If we have a problem with sin we will be rough, harsh, and cruel to others. Despisers of those that are good are when we hate someone who does good. How can someone hate someone because they are doing good? It’s simple, it’s because of SIN. A hater of good; a caterer to the wicked. When we cater to the wicked and hate good we are in sin. Just go ahead and mark it down because as a Christian we should hate sin and wickedness not good. If we take a stand for God we will be considered weird and stupid and crazy. Traitor – Luke 6:16. One week we are living for God and dressing right and the next week we are totally against the things of God and dressing like the world and not having a problem conforming to the image of the world. Something is seriously wrong if we can do that. Heady means rash without care of consequences. We give people a piece of our mind not caring what we say and how we say it. We hurt people without even caring. We say things to hurt people and we say things not caring what it does to the other person. We are acting like a lost person if we are doing this. Highminded means thinking more of ourselves than of others. Lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God means vain amusements, not serious in their lifestyle. A saved person is serious about his lifestyle, what he does and who he witnesses too. God’s stuff is more important than his stuff. God’s stuff is more important than our lifestyle. Getting the wrong spouse can change our lifestyle for the bad and not the good. If our lifestyle shows that we are a lover of God more than lovers of pleasure we will be spending more time with God. Does our time show that we love God or the pleasures of this world? These types of people have a connection with the church but no conviction because they are not changing. They will be influenced by church but will not change. Don’t hang around these types of people. We should turn away from them.

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