Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What a great message we heard tonight on the home by our Pastor. Tonight he started a series on the home. He preached out of Ephesians 5:21-33 on “Order In The Home.” The first time the devil raises up his head and is seen, he is causing problems in the home. David killed Goliath but he let the devil in his own home. We are always going to struggle in the home because the devil is out to destroy the homes of Christians. The main point we looked at tonight was the most forgotten thoughts in the home. The first forgotten thought is the ultimate goal of the wife. The ultimate goal of the wife is to submit to her husband. The downfall today is the wife finding her role in the home. Submission is simple but it is hard to do. The wife’s ultimate goal in life is to submit to her husband. If the wife will get the right husband she’ll be able to follow him and submit to him. Whether the husband is trying to serve God or not the wife should submit to him. The wife should submit even when she doesn’t understand or agree with her husband. Why or how is the wife supposed to submit? She’s to submit as unto the Lord. The wife submits to God through her husband. If the wife exalts her husband she will be exalting God. Submission to God makes submission to the husband easier. The second forgotten thought is the ultimate goal of the husband. The ultimate goal of the husband is to love his wife. The husband out to port her, date her, and lust after his wife. When the husbands mind goes crazy he should put his wife in his thoughts. The husband should love his wife and he loves his own body. He needs to cherish her and take care of her. The husband should be more spiritual than the wife but should have a desire to see that his wife is spiritual as well. Christ died for the church in spite of all the faults and failures. Husbands should love their wives even through their faults and failures. Husband, talk to your wife and let her know how much you love her. When should the husband love his wife? When do you love yourself? All the time right? A husband should love his wife all the time. You care when your stomach hurts, so when a problem arises in the home, treat it. Don’t keep a problem in the home silent. Communicate with each other. Care for your wife life you care for your body. The devil is out for your home. Don’t let the devil destroy your home. Protect your home and fight for your home. You have to work at your home all the time. It’s a job. Don’t let the devil get a head in your home.

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