Sunday, January 03, 2016

We had a really good day today in the Lord’s house. The Lord allowed us to have 8 on the bus this morning. We are looking forward to all that God is going to do in our church in this year.

This morning for Sunday school we looked at Samuel and how he served God even as a child. When he was a child he was given to the Lord to be used by the Lord in the Lord’s house. He ministered unto Eli and he opened the doors to the house of the Lord each morning. Later as a young person still he became a prophet, one of the great prophets in the Bible. Samuel starting serving God when he was a young person. We need young people to be like Samuel and desire to serve God at a young age. Today we are not seeing many young people desiring to serve God; instead they would rather please their flesh and go after the things of this world. If the young people do not start desiring to serve God and doing God’s will for their lives where will our churches be in 20 years? I’m afraid there won’t be much of a church left. No young people cannot be Pastors and Sunday school teachers, but they can help keep the church clean, they can pray, they can read their Bibles, they can witness, they can testify, they can be an example; they can work in the printing ministry. There are so many things young people can do for the Lord, they just have to be willing to work, and open their eyes and see what they can do for God. Every aspect of a church is important. If one aspect of the church is missing, it is not functioning to its greatest capacity. Will you desire and do God’s will for your life? The church needs you, but more importantly God needs you.

This morning Pastor preached out of Philippians 3:13-18 on “Are You An Enemy Of The Cross?” The cross shows us the awfulness of sin and yet extends its arms out to sinner in salvation. That is the reason people do not like the cross. The cross is a picture of the awfulness of sin, there is nothing pretty about that. Those that are enemies of the cross can be seen because they walked among us but were not of us because they went out from us. You’re an enemy of the cross if you neglect the cross – Matthew 16:24. They will neglect the responsibility of the cross. They love themselves. They don’t want the leadership of God in their lives. They have a way of justifying their flesh and the sin that they are involved in. They will not deny themselves of what they love. They would rather please their flesh than anything else in this world. Also an enemy of the cross has philosophy without faith – 1 Corinthians 1:17. They speak mans words not God’s words. They will tell people that baptism saves, that there are steps to salvation, that if you’re saved and can’t live the saved life just gets saved again and everything will be ok. All of those are mans words, mans philosophies. Whatever we do is going to be ok to man. They come as false teachers having slick words. Lastly and enemy of the cross doesn’t care about time – Philippians 3:18-19. Time means nothing to them. Their time is what they desire and they believe time is theirs not God’s. Our time is not our time, it’s God’s time. If you’re against the church you’re an enemy of the cross. A person that is an enemy of the cross lives without fear of judgment. Sin doesn’t ever both them, they gloat about their sin. They live their lives for the tangible things like a new house or a new car. Those things are more important to them. They put more stock in earthly things than they do heavenly things. Are you an enemy of the cross? If so, why don’t you change it and becomes friends with the cross.

Tonight Pastor continued his sermon series on the home called “Order In The Home” part 2 out of Ephesians 5:22-28. Tonight we looked at the husband in the home. The husband is to be the head of the home. God intended for the man to be the head of the home. The man being the head of the home goes against today’s thoughts, but God intended for man to be the head of the home not the wife. If the husband rules with an iron rod and makes his wife do things it will cause division in the home. The man should protect his home. The wife should find safety in the leadership of her husband. The husband can be a leader and be a pain, or he can be a leader that God intended for him to be and the wife will love him, respect him, and submit to him. Give your wife a reason for her to trust you being the head of the home. Secondly the husband should be the leader in the home. He should lead by example. He should guide his wife to a closer relationship to Jesus Christ. Your leadership ability should draw you both closer to the Lord and closer together in your marriage. If you lead right husband, you’ll grow in the Lord and in your marriage. Husband; give her a reason as a leader to be excited to follow you. Wife if you will follow him in all things even if he is wrong, don’t worry because God will wear him out for leading you wrong. Lastly the husband should be the lover in the home. He should give whatever it takes to take care of his wife. He should be willing to die for his wife. There should never be a doubt in your wife’s mind who you love the most. She should know that you love her as you love yourself. You should be the one cultivating the love in your home. Husband; be a leader your wife can follow. Get the order out of your home husband and you’ll start making unwise decisions. Everything rises and falls on leadership. If there is a problem in the home, fix it. Don’t let divorce be an option for your marriage, because if it’s not an option you’ll work through the problem and fix it. But if you have divorce in your vocabulary you won’t try to fix your marriage. You’ll just go and try it over again. Husbands; be what God intended you to be in the home. Be the head, be the leader, and be the cultivator of love in your home.

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