Sunday, January 10, 2016

We had a good day today in the Lord’s house with some great messages. The Lord allowed us to have 13 kids to ride the bus this morning and then we had 3 come tonight. What a blessing that is.

For Sunday school this morning we looked at Jacob and how he wrestled with the angel until the breaking of the dawn. He was not going to let the angel go until he blessed him. Jacob wanted the blessings of God on his life and he wanted the touch of God on his life. We today need to be like Jacob and desire the blessings and touch of God on our lives. It will not be an easy task and it wasn’t for Jacob either that night. But if we are going to have the touch of God on our lives and the blessings of God on our lives we are going to have to get alone with God. We are going to have to get in a quiet place alone with God and spend time with Him reading His Word and praying. Not only will we have to spend some alone time with God but we are going to have to take time for God. We are going to have to set aside some time in our day to spend with Him and not let anything keep us from spending that allotted time with God. Also we are going to have to keep ourselves from getting sidetracked when we are spending time with God. The devil is going to try to detour our thoughts when we are praying and reading because he does not want us reading our Bible and praying. Lastly we are going to have to be persistent. We have to continue reading our Bible and praying and we need to do it daily. We can’t do it hit and miss it has to be done every day. When Jacob was blessed and had the touch of God on his life he walked the rest of his life with a limp. When we get the touch of God on our life we will be different than before. People will notice that there is a difference and that we have the touch of God on our lives. Do you have God’s blessing and touch on your life? If not, ask God for it.

This morning Pastor preached out of Colossians 1:19-29 on “What A Miracle.” Only God can perform miracles in people’s lives. God can give a person peace that was once filled with war. Our life went from being a life of war to a life of peace. Before salvation our life was at war but when God saved us He gave us peace inside our soul. This world is all full of war and is in a mess, but God can make it peace. God can take a life that has killed someone and is at war and give them peace. God gives a peace that passes all understanding. God can give fellowship to someone who has no fellowship with Him. Before salvation there was no fellowship between us and God. The world has no fellowship with God or with the house of God. The world has no desire to fellowship with the children of God. God can take a person filled with sin and has no fellowship with God and save them and give him fellowship with God. It’s a miracle that even after salvation God still wants to have fellowship with us because we sin. Also God can take an enemy and make him His friend. At one time we wanted nothing to do with God, we were an enemy of God, and we hated God. If we are a friend of God we will see things like God sees them. We will see sin as it really is. He forgave us of our sins and we became His friend. He doesn’t remember our past any more. They are forgotten as far as the east is from the west. Our wicked works became holy works. He changed our works, our ways and our wickedness. Our minds, our thoughts, and our will were filled with wickedness but God changed our minds, our thoughts and our ways. God puts a new desire in our heart. Lastly God will guide us into a holy walk with Him. God didn’t save us to sit on a pew and do nothing. He saved us so that our lives could glorify God. He wants to perfect us. We shouldn’t be the same in ten years or twenty years that we are today. What a miracle God can do and will do in our life.

Tonight Pastor preached on “Here Comes Obed” out of Ruth 4:11-22. Obed was raised in a home where his granddaddy died out of the will of God. This is the saddest testimony you can leave for you grandchildren. For them to know that at one time you loved God and served God but you got out of the will of God and never returned back to God. Obed had to get over this in his life. His step-dad died out of the will of God as well. He died in the land of Moab. He suffered daily because of the lineage that he had. His step-dad and granddad were both quitters. He had an uphill battle to climb from the day that he was born. He had to deal with a grandma that had to deal with her past and about being out of God’s will. She had past memories, failures and faults. She knew what it was like to be at church and then to not be at church any more. We can hide out past for only so long, but one day it will meet us in the road and it typically is when our children. Naomi lost her fame, her spirituality, and her influence that she had when she went out of the will of god. Get out of God’s will and you’ll leave a mark on people’s lives. Ruth never took Obed to Moab to see what it was like down there. He never met Ruth’s family. The land of Moab is a land of quitters. God cannot use quitters. Ruth did not want Obed to know anything about the world and the land of Moab. Obed did have a dad that wanted to stand alone for what he wanted to do. He stood alone in matters and that makes a big deal. He was a man and a man of God. Greatest testimony and compliment that you can be given men is for your children to call you a man of God. Boaz and Ruth gave him a new future. They had such a testimony that others knew they would raise Obed for God. They knew that Obed would do great things for God and that his lineage would do great things for God as well. Others knew that they would raise a godly man. They gave Obed a new goal in life. David was born into a family that was fixed on serving God. He had a great-granddad that changed his genealogy. We are still losing young people today to this world. You can take your kids to heart the greatest preachers with the greatest messages but if their mom and dad are not spiritual and raising them for god they will not turn out. They will go to this world. Your kids need a mom and dad that will lead them and guide them and be the spiritual leaders that they need. A preacher won’t keep your kids in church. It’s up to you mom and dad. Obed had a lot of bad memories but that didn’t keep him from living for God. Ruth knew what it was like to be raised by worldly parents and she did not want that for Obed.

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